Home Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know

Let’s face it, sometimes we neglect our home when it comes to hygiene. There are different reasons, mostly we are under a lot of stress from different directions, and are simply in no mood to clean or make sure that everything is perfect. This is not an excuse, and while it is true that cleaning can be extremely time-consuming, it is an essential part of staying healthy. When the home is clean, and smells like freshly washed linens, there is nothing nicer. There are many ways to ensure your home is always spotless, and in order to keep it that way, here are a few tips I have prepared for you.

Do Not Allow Smokers to Ruin Your Home

smoking in house
I am not a smoker myself, but I have many friends that are, and while all of us know that smoking is bad, they cannot seem to stop. A single cigarette can quickly ruin the air in the whole room, and then even if I am not smoking, it will count as second-hand smoking. Even if we disregard all the health issues that can arise from it, let’s think about the room itself. Even a small amount of smoke can quickly give a nasty smell to your drapes and curtains, your pillows and your furniture. To avoid this, at least isolate the smokers inside one room and close all the doors. Buy an air freshener, and do not allow children to be inside a room where other are smoking. Another solution, albeit a more radical one, is to simply tell your friends to stop smoking in your home. This can be considered rude, but so is ruining your health with dangerous fumes.

Kitchen Hell

Unlike smoking, we cannot avoid cooking. Whenever I cook, I make such a big mess in my kitchen that afterwards I really hate cleaning up, and this can easily not only create a fertile ground for bacteria to grow, but can also bring a nasty smell to the whole home. Whenever you cook, clean up as soon as you finish with a utensil or a plate. This is especially important when you have a complicated meal to make, and you use a lot of plates, bowls and other utensils. This way, when you are done, you won’t have as much to clean up. Secondly, neutralize the smells, and this can be done by pouring three to four tablespoons of white vinegar and a glass of water, and boiling it for 5 minutes. Close all the doors of your kitchen, turn on air ventilation if you have, and do not open until everything smells nice once again. Dispose garbage as soon as possible and don’t let it pile up, and never keep the sink filled with dishes.

Do Not Hoard Things

don't hoard things
If you want a clean home, you need to organize things. Not only is this important in order to reduce clutter, but there will be less place for dust to collect and less things for you to clean. Hoarding can have a serious impact on your health, and it can produce a lot of nasty smells, and you won’t even know where are they coming from. First of all, throw out everything you don’t really need, carefully pack and storage all the mementoes and things that you might need someday; this includes all the warranties and paperwork that you have lying around. After you’ve physically moved most of the stuff, clean the dust, and open all the windows and doors. This will vent the air, and sunshine and fresh air will eliminate the odors and kill of any bacteria. A dirty room can have a devastating effect on your health, especially on small children’s health since they may even develop asthma.

Clean Toilet is Essential

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their bathroom and their toilet. If they are kept nice and tidy, you can guarantee that a person tries to keep everything clean and fresh. You can have small fans installed in toilets so that they turn on only when there is someone inside. Use chemicals to clean all the utilities, and make sure to have an air freshener standing by – electric ones are simply wonderful. If you truly care about your home, then you probably know all the things we have mentioned in this text, and with some extra care, you will make sure that your home is the envy of every visitor that comes by. A clean home will encourage you to feel better and relax more with your family and your friends.