Significantly Lower Stress Levels and Reduce Harmful Stress-Related Brain Chemicals

Centerpointe Holosync Audio – Pleasurable Meditation to Lower
Stress Levels and Invite Inner Peace

Holistic Health Solutions for Inner Peace – Deeply Pleasurable Meditation.

Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Utilize
the powerful potential of deep meditation for inner peace and the clearing of mind-clutter.

Holosync Meditation Series – Centerpointe
Holosync Audio Tapes

Deeply Pleasurable Meditation

Holosync technology is backed by a mountain of scientific evidence and research which is enjoyed by thousands
of users. The technology is added to soothing music and relaxing environmental sounds stimulates your
brain and the creation of neural pathways. These new pathways between the left and right hemispheres
help create balanced brain activity which creates some very desirable results:

  • Safe and effortless way to promote profoundly deep meditative states.
  • See i Improvement with learning, memory, focus, intuition, and concentration.
  • Help develop heightened levels of self awareness.
  • Stimulate brain balancing by creating new neural pathways between the brain
  • Lower brain chemicals that promote stress and heighten those related to well being, and longevity.
  • Stimulate a healthy mental and emotional state.
  • Increase productivity and a better quality of life.

Centerpointe and experience
heightened states of consciousness.

Meditation Works

It is proven that those who meditate are not only healthier but they are also wealthier and happier. There
have been over two thousand studies on the benefits of meditation and each of them has shown that meditation
offers helpful benefits.

During a meditation practice you learn how calm mind chatter which creates a restful state. Meditating helps
to build self-confidence and compassion, too.

Because of the development of concentration this ability transfers to other areas of life, such as study,
and work performance. A meditator actually can develop skill to accomplish more in
shorter periods of time because the discipline involved in meditating trains the mind to no longer be distracted
by the outside world.

A great benefit of meditation is productivity, and friends, peers, and coworkers along with employers will
notice a difference as you become healthier and happier with life by meditating regularly.