Hipp Baby Formula – What is the best you can give your baby?

There is no denial over the fact that breast milk is the best and most nutritional food for babies. However, giving breast milk alone would not be sufficient for a rapidly growing and developing baby, hence, it is absolutely necessary to start baby formula alongside, so that your baby gets all the nutrition that facilitates its healthy growth. You may use baby formula for several reasons, either because you are travelling, or there is not enough breast milk or that your premature baby needs more support for growth.

Thus, it is vital for one to choose the right kind of baby formula that guarantees that it is organic.

Organic and safe

 It needs to be understood that though many baby formulas claims to use organic ingredients, there turns out to be lots of chemicals used in the product, which can be harmful for growing babies. Ingredients like DHA and ARA contains a lot of chemicals and the synthetic materials can increase hyperactivity and decrease proper flow of energy all throughout the body, making it absolutely necessary for one to pay attention towards buying an organic formula like the Hipp Baby Formula and the Holle Baby Formula.

 These formulas have garnered huge support all over the world for its safe ingredients that are devoid of any sort of chemical components. It is manufactured by a German based company and it is quite interesting to note that Germany has very high standards for the term organic than that of the United States, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Hipp formula

 Hipp formula is a most sought after European formula. It provides an extensive range of baby formulas that are made especially for conditions like gassiness, sensitive stomach, acid reflux and allergies. It does not contain any chemical based sweetener and just uses lactose, which comes close to that of the natural breast milk. It needs to be understood that many US-based baby formulas are known to come with sucrose as a sweetener, which can cause sugar craving, hyperactivity and obesity problems in children and so it is best to avoid them altogether. It does not contain soy, carrageenan, sucrose and any other artificial products that affect babies in general.

Holle formula

 The Holle formula is getting good reception all over the world and it contains a lot of benefits. It comes in 4 different stages in order to match up with the age of the child. It is quite easy to prepare. However, this formula contains palm oil which does not go down well with some infants. In case your baby has a stomach upset or an unusual kind of motion, then it would best stop using it and switch to other brands of baby formula.

Overall, both the Hipp and Holle formula are getting quite popular for their use of organic substances and it has made the life of parents much easier. It is not sold in the US but one can get it with the help of an agency like Formuland.