Anti Aging Natural Supplements Stimulates Human Growth Hormone Release

Learn About HGH Anti-Aging Vitamin Supplements

Slow the Ravages of Time with Anti Aging Natural Supplements

Who wouldn’t want to slow down the aging process? HGH will always be a hot topic. As we age our interest in
antiaging vitamins will increase.

There’re many products on the market but GHS p.m. Plus offers an all natural way to up your
own HGH production. Read further to learn why.

HGH is a large natural protein hormone, made by our pituitary gland. It helps our bodies do many things such
as, convert fat to lean muscle, repair and grow tissue, strengthen bone, maintain brain and sexual function,
replace cells, and assist in enzyme production.

While we sleep most of our human growth hormone is being made, so it’s important to get a good nights rest.
As youngsters our bodies produce more growth hormone to help us grow.

With age, levels of HGH go down. Some researchers believe an increase in the HGH inhibitor Somatostatin is
responsible, others feel the cell producing the hormone just needs more stimulation. We produce less and
less and by the time most of us retire we will produce only 20% of the human growth hormone we did before
age 20.

We don’t make Human Growth Hormone from food. Foods containing antioxidants, antiaging properties are helpful
but, HGH is made in the pituitary gland, absorbed by the liver, and converted into a growth factor similar
to insulin which does the work.

HGH shots can cost big bucks. The Hormone is out of our blood in a flash so most is wasted. Also, diabetics
need to be aware of possible eye problems related to these shots. Side effects like, carpal tunnel, increase
blood pressure and heart rate, excess of insulin in the body, enlarged breasts, stiff joints, and nightmares
are possible.

The natural form, however, doesn’t dump huge amounts into the body. So, the body regulates how much it needs
naturally. GHS p.m. Plus is an anti aging natural supplement designed to help our body make
this hormone naturally.

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