Here’s the Perfect Pillow for Buttock Pain

Many people spend most of their day sitting in an office chair. Sitting for hours at a time leaves most of them with many aches and pains. This is because most office chairs do not provide adequate support for your back and buttock. The pressure that is placed on your tailbone increases by 300% when you sit down. If you are not providing it with adequate support, you will end up with a lot of pain in your lower back and buttocks. 

Sitting Without Support Can Cause More Than Just Pain

As previously mentioned, when you are seated for an extended period without proper support, you will develop pain in your lower back and buttocks; this pain will grow because you cannot keep your bones and joints correctly aligned. When this misalignment occurs, it can affect your body in several different ways. 

  • Digestive Health

When you are seated for long periods without proper support that will help to keep your body correctly aligned, you will be forced to sit with bad posture. This will cause your GI tract to become constricted and slow digestion. If you are slouching soon after eating, you will increase your chances of developing acid reflux (stomach acid exiting the stomach and shooting up the esophagus). 

  • Circulatory Health

When you sit without proper support and you start to slouch, the way your blood circulates through your body is greatly affected. Sitting without adequate support can lead to blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. It is essential to your overall health to make sure that you provide your body with the support it needs while you are seated. 

  • Skeletal Health

When your spine falls out of alignment because you are not providing it with adequate support while sitting for an extended time. You will start to suffer from several different ailments. You can also end up causing damage to your tailbone and hips when you are seated too long without proper support.  

  • Muscular Health

When your bones start to fall out of alignment, your muscles will react by tightening up to try and push your bones back where they belong. This will lead to you suffering from chronic pain. Using the correct support pillows when you are seated and regular chiropractic care can help avoid this issue. 

The Perfect Cushion to Help You Kiss Your Buttock Pain Goodbye

When you start shopping for the perfect cushion to relieve your buttock’s pain, you will want to make sure they have all these features.

  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The perfect material to fill a butt cushion with is a mixture of gel and memory foam. This blend of these two materials provides the perfect balance between comfort and support. 

  • Ventilated to Stay Cool

When you chose a seat cushion, you will want to make sure that it is designed to ventilate effectively. You do not want to use a pillow that will hold heat and cause your buttocks to sweat. 

  • Body Heat Activated

You will want to make sure the seat cushion you purchase is filled with a material that will be activated by your body heat to form to the shape of your body and provide you with all of the support you need. 

  • Machine Washable

Since you will need to use your seat cushion every day, you will want to make sure that your purchase can be cleaned easily. This means you will want to select a pillow that is machine washable.  You will not have to do without your seat cushion while you wait for it to be professionally cleaned. 

  • Travels Easily

Since you will need to use your seat cushion anytime you sit for more than just a few minutes, you will want to make sure that you choose a pillow that you can easily take with you everywhere you go. 

  • Non-Slip Bottom

Make sure that the seat cushion you purchase has a slip-resistant rubber bottom. If the pillow you are buying is not non-slip, you will be sliding around every time you make the slightest movement. 

  • Orthopedic Designed

You must make sure the seat cushion you purchase is designed by an orthopedic. This is the only way you can be confident that the design choices are backed by science and will provide you with the best support possible. 

Time to Kiss that Pain in Your Buttocks Goodbye

It is time to invest in a pillow for buttock pain. You need to make sure that you purchase a seat cushion that is filled with gel-infused memory foam. You also want to remember to choose a seat cushion that will travel easily and is machine washable. As long as you remember everything we have discussed, you will purchase an excellent seat cushion and be able to kiss your buttocks pain goodbye.