Ten Herbal Teas from Plants Around You and Their Benefits

The Health Benefits of Herbal Teas: Ten Herbal Teas from Plants Around

List of Excellent Herbal Teas, Uses and Preparation Tips

There are many popular herbal teas and herbal tea blends coming into the market place due to herbal tea benefits. When you buy bulk tea you want to brew one teaspoon of dry tea or two teaspoons of fresh herbs to one cup of water.

Boil the water and let sit for a minute or two, then pour the hot water over the tea leaves or fresh herbs for between five to fifteen minutes. If using fresh herbs first dry leaves and roots in a dark but airy place.

Once your herbs are dry then store them in airtight containers. If you can’t grow your own herbs there are so many wonderful herbal prepackaged teas, and many packaged herbal teas contain special blends designed to address specific needs.

Some well known herbs which are make beneficial tea include Goldenrod
Tea, but if you have ragweed allergies avoid this one. If you don’t know, I
wouldn’t try it. However, we also found reference to the use of a combination of Goldenrod and Juniper berry, to
actually help with allergies.

The recipe calls for equal parts of Goldenrod and Juniper
Berries, steeped, strained and taken in doses of one teaspoon a day for several weeks.

This same combination has been utilized for kidney and bladder inflammation and in that case, a teaspoon is added
to boiling water and one-half a cup is consumed three to five times a day. It is always advisable to ask your naturopath prior to self treatment for any ailment.

List of Excellent Herbal Teas, Uses and Preparation Tips

1. Persimmon

This is a wonderful health tonic that is strong and rich. Drink it all year round as it is rich in Vitamin C.

2. Sassafras

Sassafras tea is said to be a blood thinner and blood purifier. It may help bronchitis symptoms and can be used as a spring tonic. When used fresh you can boil the roots after washing them thoroughly. Don’t throw the roots away after making your herbal tea, you can use slice and dry them and use them again.

3. Birch

Use white, black, or yellow birch leave. Just dry the leaves, store in an airtight container and enjoy all year long. Birch is said to be a beneficial tea for rheumatism and headaches. Just drink one or two cups a day. You can also reduce the pain of passing kidney stones or help to reduce a fever. It also makes a wonderful mouthwash.

4. Blackberry

Use these leaves all year round. Just dry the mature leaves to help keep the blood pure, and a good all around tonic. As a blood purifier you don’t have to worry, as you can use it all year long.

5. Blueberry

Yes, the leaves of berry plants are excellent herbs that have beneficial properties just as the berries are rich in antioxidants. Use the mature dried lobby steeping them as directed and then you can drink chilled, or hot depending on your preference.One to two cups per day act as a blood purifier and tonic. Blueberry tea has also been known to help with inflamed kidneys or assist in increasing the flow of urine. This tea is somewhat bitter so you may want to sweeten with a bit of agave nectar, honey, or stevia.

6. Alfalfa

This tea has wonderful vitamin contents, but the leaves and flower heads are kind of bland. So mix them with other types of teas. Alfalfa is great to have on hand because you can use it to stretch and mix with other teas and enhance the teas beneficial properties. Alfalfa has also been known to help with arthritis symptoms.

7. Strawberry
Leaf Tea

This tea is best steeped overnight. Just strain and reheat in the am and enjoy. Strawberry leaf tea has been used to treat a multitude of symptoms from eczema to stomach issues. It is important to be sure the leaves are completely dried other wise they can become toxic. But once completely dried you can use them all year long.

Strain water and reheat in the morning. Believed to help with a multitude of things, from stomach troubles, eczema,
diarrhea, etc. According to experts, it is much more healthful than purchased coffee or teas.

8. Rose
Hips Tea

Rose Hips are excellent for their Vitamin C content. Just steep for ten minutes, then strain to make a healthy tea. You can use dried rosehips or even fresh when in season.
Instead of boiling the rosehips place a handful of them in cool water overnight. The nutritious content will seep into the water. You can easily strain, and heat in the am, or when you which a cup.

Use Rose Hips all year long, and the vitamin content will help keep ward off colds and flu. It is also a beneficial tea for a sore throat.

9. Peppermint

Ah, a favorite for many people, Peppermint is easy to grow and easy to use. Just pick the leaves fresh from the garden. You can crush them and steep the leaves fresh, or you can dry them and use them as you would any herbal tea.

Peppermint tea is super as a natural digestion aid. Drink as an after-dinner tea for aiding digestion.

10. Holy Tea

You will love this herbal tea blend, which is perfect as a weightloss and detox tea. It is a proprietary blend of several organic herbs. We had to add this beneficial herbal tea blend to the list. When the body is supported with natural herbs designed to help the body gently detox it helps the immune system work better to keep us healthy. This is because we take in elements on a daily basis that contribute to toxicity in body.

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