Herbal Purification Sweat Lodges Blended-Tradition Ceremony

MoonLodge – On Herbal Purification and The Sweat Lodge

I serve my Relatives on the Spirit Path, as a Wellness Counselor, Energy worker, Reflexologist, and Intuitive Channel.

In a spiritual vision, I was shown a way to connect with the wisdom of the Plant Kingdom in the Sacred Sweat Lodge,
through the use of 150 or more different medicinal herbs, in minute amounts.

In addition, transformational sound is utilized, along with laying-on-of-hands energy transfer. The four-round Lodge
focuses on healing and release within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as the creation
of a stronger connection with Earth energies.


At least one week before the Herbal Purification Lodge, gather or purchase 1 to 2 ounces of 3 to 4 different herbs.
Keep each herb separate in airtight containers.

If you suffer from any physical challenges, choose herbs that are
specific “medicine” for your current situation. Pray with the herbs daily, for your own healing and for
the healing of your Relatives who will share the Lodge with you. Pray for the healing of the sick, the addicted,
the lonely, and the suffering. Pray for the Earth and for all who walk upon Her. Bring your herbs, along with a small
patch of cloth (in any color) and twine, for making a medicine bundle. Part of your contribution will be used in
the Lodge, while another part will be reserved for future Lodges and/or medicines, so that your prayers may continue
to touch others in the future. Sweat Lodges are a communal event, and much depends on coming together in a focused
way. Begin your prayers early, and continue them daily.

The energy of the Herbal Lodge depends on a balance of many, many herbs, present without excess of any. To honor
the balance, I ask that you refrain from the use of alcohol, excessive caffeine, excessive sugar on the day of the
Lodge, as well as choosing not to partake of marijuana, peyote, or other alterative substances. These substances
can overwhelm the gentle “medicine gifts” of all the other herbs. If possible, do not smoke cigarettes
at least one hour prior to the Lodge. Thank you.

Important: This is a non-traditional Lodge; actually a new-traditional one, and I do not represent myself as any
kind of “Medicine Woman” or represent the ceremony as Native-American, though the Good Red Road is a strong
part of my spiritual path. I honor all Native-American ancestors in this way, and wish only to carry out the vision
I have been given for the people. I thank all the Elders and Grandmothers who have kept a precious faith alive.

This story excerpted from > Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook

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