Safety of Drinking Herbal Teas When Pregnant and Article on Organic Herb Gardens

Chamomile Tea, Is it safe to Drink Herbal Teas When Pregnant?

Question for Dr. Leia: I’m thirty five weeks pregnant and I want to know if I can drink Chamomile tea.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: There are a lot of conflicting viewpoints about what herbs are permitted to take during pregnancy and which ones are not.

Chamomile is a relaxant herb, good for insomnia and nervousness, and generally in tea form it is mild. It has a bitter taste if brewed strongly, but it has a mild pleasant taste when brewed lightly. Chamomile contains an blue-colored oil called azulene which can be concentrated and applied topically to the skin for skin irritations. Also it is helpful for digestion and is soothing to the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.

Concentrated forms of herbs used as medicines should not be taken during pregnancy without your holistic doctor’s permission. However, in tea form, the amount of herb is generally not strong enough to cause any harmful effects during pregnancy. Since you are in the later stages of your pregnancy, your baby’s growth will not be adversely affected by most substances which would be more likely to affect it during the first trimester or first three months of your pregnancy. Therefore, chamomile would be perfectly safe to take now, considering that you do not have any allergies to ragweed because chamomile is in the same family as ragweed.

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More Information on Benefits of Herb Teas

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Learn About Benefits of Herbal Teas from Plants Around You

Gardens for Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is a helpful way to enjoy the healthy benefits of herbs while cutting down on the grocery bill.

People have become increasingly aware of the benefits derived from herbs. Herbs that are grown indoors can
be used as cooking ingredients, cosmetics and even to simply augment the ambience of the house.

Some herbs are effective as insect repellents, while some spread a healing aroma. To grow them at home, you
just need to invest in herb garden kits and herb saplings.

Your indoor herb garden needs the same climate and environment, as is required by the herbs growing outdoors.
In a container herb garden, the saplings are placed inside containers that are at least six to twelve inches
deep. These containers should contain a mixture of soil, sand and organic manure.

The containers can be placed near the windows or any other area of the home that receives sufficient sunlight
throughout the day. This is necessary because most of the herbs need sunlight to grow properly and retain
their basic characteristics. Lack of adequate sunlight can lead to stunted growth. The herbs are most likely
to lose their medicinal or cosmetic properties.

When planning an organic herb garden, you need to invest in garden equipment, such as digging tools, gardening
gloves, pesticides, organic fertilizer and containers. Different herbs require different types of soil to
grow properly. It is necessary to consult an expert before preparing the soil mixture for a particular type
of herb. The amount of water and organic fertilizer required also varies from herb to herb.

It is necessary to be aware of specifications before planning the indoor herb garden. It is essential to make
sure that the herb plants get the right amount of water. It is beneficial to invest in the inexpensive water
meters available at most garden center nurseries. You also need to ensure that the water used is of the right
temperature, to protect the roots.

The growth of the herb plants depends a lot on the climactic conditions they are subjected to. If you live
in a hot climate zone, it would be advisable to limit the exposure to sunlight. Overexposure can lead to
their stunted growth. If you live in a colder area, you need to keep the herb plants away from cold glass
panes, since this can arrest their growth.

The color green is known to have a soothing affect on the mind. The indoor herb garden is bound to have a
calming affect on the mind, body and soul. In addition, growing herbs indoors is easier and cost-effective
than purchasing them from the market.

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