Herbs, Prayer, and Spiritual Herbology, A Healing Trio

Nature’s Medicines: Herbs, Prayer and Spiritual Faith

Nature’s Medicines: Herbs, Prayer and Spiritual Faith

Hello, fellow herbalists, herbologists and plant lovers.

I have been involved with herbal medicine as a spiritual tool for the past 3 or 4 years. Before that time,
although I always preferred to use herbs rather than take traditional medicines, I did not always recognize
the spiritual impact of my choices. Now, I understand the part the plants are playing in keeping me grounded
and keeping my heart open.

Important: I am speaking here of herbs accepted as “Medicinal” and not of herbal alteratives such
as peyote or marijuana. I leave that teaching to those who may choose to use alteratives as part of their
spiritual path.

New Tradition From Sacred Vision

I do not represent myself as any kind of Medicine Woman, although I know that anyone who walks the Spirit
Path works “Medicine.” Nor do I represent myself as the keeper of traditional Native-American ceremony,
though the Good Red Road is a very natural and vital part of my spirituality. Rather, I simply offer a new
tradition, born of Sacred Vision, in the hope that we can still honor new vision. Think about it. Every Native
tradition that exists now (and there are so many powerful, beautiful traditions) was once new. In the Spirit
of newness and beginnings, I offer another.

Herbal Purification Sweat Lodge

A Blended-Tradition Sweat Lodge according to Sacred Vision. I serve my Relatives on the Spirit Path, as a
Wellness Counselor, Energy worker, Reflexologist, and Intuitive Channel. In a spiritual vision, I was shown
a way to connect with the wisdom of the Plant Kingdom in the Sacred Sweat Lodge, through the use of 150 or
more different medicinal herbs, in minute amounts. In addition, transformational sound is utilized, along
with laying-on-of-hands energy transfer. The Four-Round Lodge focuses on healing and release within the physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as the creation of a stronger connection with Earth energies.

Making Healing Herbal Bundles

These are not “Native-American” bundles, and not represented as such. The medicine of a bundle from
a Shaman or Elder is specific to them, and created according to the tribe of their bloodline. The information
on making bundles offered here comes from Love and are offered in that Spirit.

As mentioned before, I do no represent myself as a keeper or teacher of Native-American ways. That is the
clear path and task of the Native-American Elders and Medicine Men and Women. The teachings I offer are a
gift the Plant Nation shared with me. The teachings and medicine of the Plant People are not exclusive to
any one culture but belong to anyone who will take the time to learn them. Nor is spiritual vision and the
bringing in of new gifts limited to one faith, one culture, or only those who lead. I follow no human though
I greatly respect the teachings of several, including Native-American Shamans, the Dalai Lama, Mother Meera
and others.

My spiritual walk is one of direct connection to Spirit. In the bible, it is called working out your own salvation.
My Path is one of blended traditions. I integrate and embrace the truth I find in different spiritual faiths
and feel that the healing of this planet depends on coming together, spiritually, rather than perpetuating
the artificial boundaries that have so long thrived. We are One. I will continue to honor the vision given
to me.

Herbal Tips

Please note that, as an herbalist and wellness counselor, I do not diagnose or prescribe. The information
I am sharing here is for educational purposes only and no claims are made beyond my own personal experience
and the credibility established through historical use.

Flu-Stopper: A combination of yarrow, goldenseal, and echinacea, taken at the onset of
a cold has knocked it out within 24 hours, every time I have tried it. I use a tincture, and take a dose
every 3 or 4 hours for a 24-hour period. Also, taking Ester-C complex and Zinc lozenges is a good Flu-Preventative.

Great Women’s Formula: If you have difficulty with menstrual cramps, pms or menopause
symptoms, take heart. I have used the following tincture formula with almost miraculous results. I hope it
works as well for you;

  • 2 parts red raspberry
  • 2 parts catnip
  • 1 part squawvine
  • 1 part cramp bark
  • 1 part black cohosh

Combine herbs in glass container and cover with mixture of alcohol and pure water (Use strong alcohol-pure
grain is best). Store in cool, dry space for two weeks, shaking once or twice daily. If too much alcohol/water
gets absorbed, recover to top of herbs. Strain through muslin, bottle, clearly label and date. Trial dose
is one drop for every 10 lbs, of body weight. Discontinue if any adverse reactions occur.

You could also use the herbs as a tea, by steeping the catnip and raspberry and simmering the other three
herbs, then combining. Don’t know what it would taste like. I prefer the tincture.

HealthyNewAge Menopause Information

Snakebite Tip: Once, our then small puppy got Snake-Bitten. Her head and throat were swollen
three or four times their normal size. I gave her echinacea and goldenseal tincture in water, to cleanse
the blood. Then, a friend of mine suggested plantain. I gave the puppy a good dose of plantain tincture in
water and, believe it or not, the swelling began to go down within one minute’s time. The puppy was perfectly
well within 24 hours. I had also used a plantain poultice with miraculous results before, when the same friend
had gotten Bee-Stung. In the past, she had to rush to the emergency room because of severe allergic reaction.
This time, by chewing fresh plantain and applying it to the sting, it hardly even swelled. I am a true believe
in this common little herb. I will keep both dried plantain and plantain tincture on hand at all times, for
bee stings and snakebite. It will also be included in first aid kits when hiking or in nature settings. Let
me know if you have had any similar experiences with plantain.

My Prayer For You:

May the Divine energies of the male and the female, the light and the dark, the Spirit and the flesh, manifest
within you in perfect balance and harmony. May you walk in beauty. Mitakuye

Healing Herbal Salves

a short time, I offered my own herbal healing salve but the cost is rather prohibitive and it’s also very
Labor-Intensive to make salves so I’ve stopped offering it. Sorry about that. However, if you know how to
make salves and want to use the ingredients I used, they are listed below. I used one part each of most the
herbs except for chickweed and plantain and I usually threw in more of those two. This salve is just great
for cuts, scrapes, wrinkles, scars, rashes, bites and just about any kind of skin problem. Contains comfrey,
chickweed, plaintain, chamomile, calendula, Yellow Dock root, rosemary, burdock root, lavender, rose, echinacea,
tea tree oil, St. John’s Wort, vitamin E, beeswax, sesame olive oils, benzoin, and prayers.

One of the very best herbal salve recipes ever created came through the work of Dr. Christopher and is called
BF&C (Bone, Flesh and Cartilage Ointment). You can’t possibly make this salve less expensively than you
can bu, but in case you are interested here is a resource:.

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