Natural and Herbal Remedies for Insomnia During Perimenopause

Early Menopause Symptoms – Safe Insomnia and Perimenopause Remedy

Many women face challenges when faced with menopause and insomnia
can be one that impacts every phase of life.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to face the morning with a positive
outlook when a deprived of sufficient restful sleep.

In fact, insomnia is one of the most common early menopause symptoms and can continue or worsen as a woman’s natural
hormone levels change.

Feelings of restless, anxiety, depression and other signs of changing body functions can result
in failure to get to sleep or remain asleep even when exhausted physically and emotionally. Soon it becomes a self-perpetuating
cycle; when a woman has experienced repeated nights of poor rest, she may begin to fear sleeping poorly or not
at all so much that the anxiety prevents any possibility of sleep.

Many women complain of insomnia and perimenopause is often when the problem first appears. Too often, women believe
the problem is stress-induced when, in fact, it is caused by the start of natural changes in hormonal production.

Hypnosis CDs for insomnia can help overcome this frustrating problem. Easy-to-follow self-hypnotic instructions
result in deep relaxation and some hypnotic CDs provide subliminal messages to reduce awakening for no reason during
the night.

Dietary supplements for menopause that help insomnia are very effective for many women entering perimenopause or
menopause. These supplements allow the body to adjust naturally through the inclusion of hormone-balancing herbs,
vitamins and minerals. Often, these supplements can help with early menopause symptoms other than insomnia as well.

Calcium lactate and magnesium lactate are two minerals often found in supplements; both help the body regulate sleep.
Vitamin B6 has also been found to assist in overcoming sleeplessness. A blend of herbs, often including hypericum
perforatum, are frequently included because of the balancing effect on neurotransmitters providing relief from difficulty
sleeping as well as other symptoms. Other vitamins, minerals and herbs may also be included in these formulas.

If perimenopause or menopause and insomnia are causing sleep difficulty, it only makes sense to try natural solutions
before resorting to potentially dangerous or addictive prescription medication. Not only are holistic solutions less
costly and safer, but there is no ‘next-day grogginess’ found with commonly prescribed sleep medications.

“I have all the usual menopause symptoms: hot flushes, depression, and insomnia
being the worst. Taking Serenite-LT along with MellowPause is doing wonders. I can sleep
much better during the night and I also find I wake up feeling much fresher and have more energy throughout
the day. Also my hot flushes are no longer. Thank you for your great customer service…” Milly.

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