Herbal Remedies: Recipe for Making Medicinal Herbal Liniments

Fresh Herbs beside Herbal Medicine Bottle

As a natural healing approach to relieving muscles and joint pain, herbal liniments are extremely effective.

Natural liniments are easy to apply to the affected area and safe for many uses.

Making an herbal liniment is a simple process that can easily be done in one’s own home.

Herbal Liniment Basics

Made by infusing rubbing or grain alcohol with herbs, an herbal liniment is used for topical application. The alcohol in the herbal solution evaporates quickly, allowing the herbs to penetrate and benefit the skin with their healing properties.

Herbal liniments are effective in relieving sore muscles, increasing circulation, easing the muscle and joint pain of arthritis, treating sprains, and soothing bruises.

To apply an herbal liniment to the affected area, simply spray or swipe with a cotton ball. The herbal healing properties are absorbed through the skin and work to relieve the discomfort.

Preparing an herbal liniment is easy and cost effective—the shelf life for this natural product is years. And by having first-hand involvement in its preparation, one can specially formulate a personalized healing herbal solution.

Best Medicinal Herbs to Use for Healing Liniments

Fresh Herbs beside Herbal Medicine BottleAn herbal liniment can be prepared using whole, cut, dried, powdered, or fresh herbs. There are several different herbs that are appropriate to use in an herbal liniment. For example, warming and stimulating herbs that improve circulation in the affected area include cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger.

Soothing herbs, such as comfrey root and calendula flowers, help with healing bruises and treating muscle injury and sprains.

A good relaxing herb to use in liniments is valerian root, as it will help ease tension in muscles.

Goldenseal is a great herbal ingredient for liniments as well, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and has antibacterial properties.

How to Make Herbal Liniments

Mountain Rose Herbs has committed to bring an herbal education to people interested in developing and strengthening their knowledge of natural herbal remedies and uses.

In the video, Herbal Basics: How to Make Medicinal Liniments, viewers are taught the basics, shown what ingredients and tools are required to make their own liniment, and given a detailed demonstration of the steps involved in its preparation.

Because herbs are powerful agents of healing, harnessing their natural healing properties to support the body’s healing ability is advantageous to one’s health and overall lifestyle.

Preparing homemade herbal liniments is as easy and effective way of practicing natural health care from one’s home and make great gifts, too.