Learn Antioxidant Definition and Benefits as Found in Green Tea

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The FDA always has its own agenda, and this time that agenda involves green tea.

There are countless studies showing that green tea is effective in preventing prostate cancer, yet the FDA has taken
two studies to suggest that this is not true and that green tea is “highly unlikely to reduce the risk of prostate

This statement goes against studies done in countries as far a field as Japan, China, South Africa, the U.S and
the U.K.

Despite their attempts to discredit these findings with their own studies, they in fact help to prove the case further.
The first study they cite has findings that show three cups of green tea a day reduced prostate cancer risk by 73%.
This is a very high figure and tends to support the idea that green tea helps prevent prostate cancer rather than
go against it.

The second study they cite does not have much statistical significance, but suggests that two to ten cups a day
of green tea reduced cancer risk by 33%.

Despite these positive studies that the FDA says were carried out under the strictest conditions, they still came
out with the following quote:

“One weak and limited study does not show that drinking green tea reduces the risk of prostate cancer, but
another weak and limited study suggests that drinking green tea may reduce this risk. Based on these studies, FDA
concludes that it is highly unlikely that green tea reduces the risk of prostate cancer.”

Even if they want to ignore the hundreds of other positive studies, their own chosen studies are pretty clear. The
statement seems to be without merit, and goes against the idea that food high in antioxidants can have real benefits,
such as boosting your overall health.

This statement seems even more ridiculous when you look at the evidence regarding rooibos tea, which Good Health
Supplements believes to be ‘The Best Antioxidant Tea’.

There are lots of studies showing the benefits of rooibos tea in regards to preventing cancer, although these studies
are not widely heard of because the teas is not as popular as green tea. Many of these studies were done as comparisons
with green and black tea, with rooibos tea often having better results.

The results for rooibos tea are so good because it contains a number of extremely powerful antioxidants in large
quantities. Rooibos tea has other benefits, like the fact it contains no caffeine or acid. However, the biggest reason
why rooibos tea is so good, especially the green variety, is that it is the only plant to contain Aspalathax. Aspalathax
is one of the most powerful antioxidants around. Studies have shown that antioxidants are effective in supporting the body making it less susceptible to diseases such as cancer and other major diseases, and it also boosts
your immune system, meaning you have a much better chance of fighting off many viral and bacterial diseases.

This is known to be true because the antioxidant definition is that it helps your body fight these diseases. Therefore,
something with such a high level of antioxidant must contain these properties as most food high in antioxidants does.

However, the FDA still wants to make a statement against these facts, probably because they are so pro-active regarding
drugs that they do not want to promote any alternative measures to prevent disease.

Along with the rooibos tea studies, there are many other green tea studies that the FDA has ignored. Scientists
from major cancer research organisations have all found that green tea helps prevent cancer. In 2004, the American
Association for Cancer Research found that “Green Tea Polyphenols Thwart Prostate Cancer Development at Multiple
Levels”. In the years surrounding that other studies have been conducted, with an Australian study in 2003 finding
that drinking green tea reduces the risk of prostate cancer by two-thirds, and a 2005 study in America also indicated
positive results.

Links to these studies and more can be found at:

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  • http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgibin
  • http://www.aicr.org/press/pressrelease.lasso?index=2057
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Cancer is a disease that is developed, and we cannot ‘catch’ it. That means it can be prevented with exercise, healthy
eating, and in particular with food high in antioxidants.

Although the fight to cure cancer must go on, we should pay more attention to preventing the disease as well. Although
the FDA’s policies are not geared towards preventing disease, it is an easier and cheaper road to follow.

Over 100 Billion Dollars has been spent by the U.S government to try and find a cure for cancer, yet none of these
attempts have truly worked, and in fact cancer rates have increased.

Perhaps it is time that money is spent on preventing cancer and so reducing the number of people who need to be
cured. If you want to be pro-active in fighting cancer, then drink rooibos tea or take green rooibos plant tablets
each day. These capsules may not be as relaxing as having a cup of tea, but each capsule has the antioxidant equivalent
of 46 cups of tea.

If you want to help prevent cancer, then use the power of antioxidants to help you.

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