Early Symptoms of Lyme Disease and Natural Holistic Herbal Treatments

Holistic Health Newsletter – Arming Yourself Naturally Against
Lyme Disease and Cancer

This special lyme disease herbal newsletter covers lyme disease with a focus on naturally supporting the body’s
own ability to heal itself through natural remedies, vitamins and herbals.

Learn who is at risk of catching Lyme Disease, and what you can do should you feel you have symptoms and find
natural remedies for Lyme Disease.

The early stage of Lyme disease can sometimes seem like a flu or an allergic reaction. Symptoms of Lyme Disease
often appear as one or more of the following signs:

  • swollen lymph nodes
  • fatigue
  • muscle and joint pain
  • chills and fever
  • headache
  • erythema migrans (This is skin rash that is characteristic to LD)

What Makes Lyme Disease Tick and How Samento Eliminates It

This pandemic that is currently spreading depicts how Lyme disease is more infectious and insidious than most
known diseases and it is already prevalent on six continents throughout the world.

It is even less understood than AIDS, and although it is not feared as fatal by those who do not understand
it, it greatly effects the lives of its victims because of the various symptoms which can be quite severe.
Many times the symptoms seem to mimic or resemble so many other dysfunctions and ailments. For example, LD
is symptomatic of diseases such as Parkinsonism, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue
syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus erythematosis, amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis, and even depression and anxiety along with many other disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

The cause of Lyme Disease is a result of an anaerobic spiral-shaped (spirochetal) bacterium known as Borrelia
burgdorferi. When the first signs of this disease became recognized in the US, it was in Lyme Connecticut
back in 1977. It was first thought to be an outbreak of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Then in 1982 entymologist
William “Willy” Burgdorfer, Ph.D., began studying the various carriers of this disease and noted
a variety of ticks, or 8 legged arachnids were the culprits to this fast spreading health crisis.

Now this organism has spread to about 100 American and over three hundred strains of various forms of Borelia
exist worldwide. We know know the transmission of this organism can pass from being bitten by the infected
tick, as well as fleas, mosquitoes, mites, congenital transfer, sexual contact, and also through food infection.

The organism also had the ability to change shape which made diagnostic testing quite difficult and inaccurate.
And on top of that the the microorganisms are able to hide within body tissues which makes it hard for a
person’s immune system to respond.

Currently, Lyme disease continues to spread and also be misdiagnosed as no less than 368 illnesses.

Lyme Disease Treatments

Pharmaceuticals, and vaccines have not been all that successful at treating the disease for a variety of reasons.
A vaccine which was manufactured for the disease is no longer available due to severe side effects. Now the
standard method of treatment is ongoing doses of the conventional antibiotics for patients diagnosed early
which also has some very negative side effects because prolonged antibiotic use destroys intestinal flora
and can bring on severe candidiasis or other infections. If antibiotic treatment is shortened then it is
not effective so this is clearly a problem in treating Lyme Disease through medical drug intervention.

Non Toxic Herbal Remedy for Lyme Disease

In Great Britain, Dr. Andrew Wright, a physician and surgeon began treating his patients who were suffering
from chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, and other similar conditions a nontoxic herbal remedy derived
from cat’s claw. Cat’s claw is also known in the jungles of Peru as Una de Gato.

He discovered his patients began to respond very well and became his first therapy choice when treating clients.
He went on to treat his lower extremity neuropathy and found it also responded and came to determine that
is was also brought on by Lyme Disease.

Through self-administering Samento, Dr. Wright discovered the Borrelia organisms were eliminated from his
body along with all neuropathy symptoms. He discovered that as long as he continued taking this herbal remedy
he resumed normal functions, but if he slacked off symptoms began to return after a few days. Thus Samento
is now a regular daily supplement for relieving symptoms that are associated with Lyme Disease complications.

Currently is it recognized that everyone is at risk to catch this disease because it is so difficult to detect
and may have already reached epidemic proportions. One Dr., Charles Ray Jones, a pediatric specialist from
Connecticut, goes on to explain that out of the five thousand children he has treated over two hundred and
forty-five been born with this disease.

Another expert on Lyme disease, Dan Kinderleher, M.D., was on the Today show where he stated the disease to
be way under reported by as much as ten times, even though over 1.8 million cases had been cited by the U.S.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) in Atlanta, Georgia. This leads to the estimation that there
may be as many as 250,000 to 300,000 new cases of Lyme Diseases contracted each year which makes it vital
to develop early diagnostic detection mandatory which would aid in immediate treatment which may be the only
way to prevent chronic Lyme disease throughout the country and eventually cure the widespread effects of
the disease.

Herbal Remedies Effectively Treat Symptoms Allowing Patients to Return to Normal Lifestyle

Since Cat’s Claw or Samento is exceedingly valuable as an antimicrobial therapeutic agent it may be one of
the best solutions as discussed by a panel of four doctors who share their experiences treating patients.
Along with this herbal treatment for Lyme Disease, digestive enzymes and detox remedies when combined provide
a three fold treatment. One of the doctors reports, “I could offer hundreds of successful case histories
in which Samento was my treatment of choice.”

Pet Natural Remedy for Lyme Disease

If your pet is suffering from Lyme Disease, you might want to learn more about Native Remedies products that can help provide effective immune system and joint and muscular-skeletal system health and mobility support.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.