Products Like Hemp Baby Bedding Free from Toxic Pesticides

Why Choose Hemp Baby Bedding Over Cotton?

Hemp baby bedding is made from the organic fiber extracted from the hemp plant, technically known as ‘cannabis

Most people associate cannabis sativa with marijuana, but the organic fiber that is used to make hemp baby
products does not have the properties of marijuana.

Natural hemp products are a good substitute for cotton products, which may contain traces of pesticides used
in the cultivation process.

Hemp cultivation was legal in the United States earlier, but it is now banned. The ban was imposed due to
the growing drug abuse among the young generation. This social issue was believed to have its roots in the
hemp cultivation, in the United States. However, there is no restriction on the manufacture or the use of
hemp products. Companies dealing with hemp products either import the finished products or the hemp fiber
from countries in Europe and Asia.

The imported fiber is used to make hemp shoes, hemp jeans, hemp necklaces, hemp backpacks and even hemp bracelets.
Hemp fiber is very flexible and durable. The products made from it last longer than cotton or polyester products.
These qualities make it a natural choice, especially for baby bedding. After processing, hemp becomes very
soft and pliable, becoming an excellent substitute for cotton.

Hemp bedding for the baby makes sure that the little one is really pampered by the padding the fiber provides.
Moreover, being a natural fiber, it offers the baby an environment friendly bed. The infant is not exposed
to the hazards of toxins that could be the result of the pesticides used in the cultivation, since hemp is
known to be free of such remnants.

Apart from the fiber, oil is also extracted from hemp. It has medicinal and therapeutic properties and is
widely used in making hemp soaps, lotions, lip balm and shampoo. The oil extracted from hemp seeds contains
essential oils such as omega 3, omega 6 and Gamma-Linolenic Acid or GLA. These oils are not produced by the
human body but are essential in limited quantities. Children can also consume hemp oil, but it is advisable
to consult a physician to determine the right dosage.

Hemp products are easily available in retail stores as well as online. While shopping for hemp clothing online,
it is necessary to make sure that the product is made from hundred percent hemp fibers and not contain any
other additives. It is advisable to buy hemp baby bedding and other hemp products only from reputed online

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