Hemorrhoid Relief Through Use of Gentle Touch Massage

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Question for Dr. Leia: Can you tell me what do hemorrhoids look like and are they always located directly on the opening of your rectum? I think I may have developed them, but I am not quite sure because of the area is not exactly on the rectal area. I am wondering how to heal hemorrhoids, if that is what I have or do people outgrow hemorrhoids, do they go away by changing your diet, and what are alternative treatments for hemorrhoids? Thanks for answering my question, I am too embarrassed to get treatment and would appreciate your help.

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Hemorrhoids are enlarged or prolapsed blood vessels which are usually located directly around the opening of the anal or rectal area. Two major types of hemorrhoids are internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are located deeper inside the rectum and are not visible or palpable to the touch from the outside. External haemorrhoids are usually seen as protruding lumps or bumps located around the entrance to the rectum. Sometimes, hemorrhoids can be seen at the posterior side of the rectum or at the anterior part of the rectal entrance, and can appear as a flaccid
protrusion of skin at one side of the entrance of the rectum.

Symptoms may include slight or severe itching, burning sensation, inflammation, bright red bleeding, stitching pains around the area, tenderness, and/or a palpable mass or protrusion or skin tag or flap of tissue. Sometimes haemorrhoids can be confused with other more severe problems, such as fissures, ulcers, rectal prolapse, or even vaginal prolapse in women. When a new symptom appears, such as mentioned above, it is always prudent to visit your doctor to obtain a correct diagnosis for the problem. He/she will have the proper equipment to look inside the rectum to give an accurate assessment of the problem, and to make sure that you do not have a more serious issue. There are specialist doctors called Proctologists who are especially trained and who specialize in all kinds and types of rectal diseases, so it is not a big deal to these doctors to treat such problems.

Causes of hemorrhoids can be chronic constipation or diarrhea, childbirth due to the excess pressure upon the blood vessels from pregnancy, heavy lifting, the aging process, chronic illness, lack of fiber or vegetables in the diet, sitting for long periods of time without proper exercise, and straining at the stool. Sometimes, as in pregnancy, the hemorrhoids may go away after childbirth when the excess pressure is removed. Hemorrhoids can come and go for a while depending upon your habits and lifestyle, and sometimes they may become chronic or long-lasting. The longer that the causative problem is present, such as constipation or poor diet, then the more severe the hemorrhoids may
be and the longer they will persist.

Treatment of hemorrhoids should include changing your diet to include lots of fiber and fresh vegetables and fruit, drinking 6-8 glasses of pure water each day, making sure that your stools are soft and that you don’t ever strain when having bowel movements, preventing or treating constipation and diarrhea, getting adequate exercise, and not sitting for excessively long periods of time without stretching breaks. Added fiber could include psyllium seed and or flax seeds. Also, it is recommended to do a sitz bath in pure water each day. If you want to do a home remedy, you could always use a soothing herb such as chamomile or calendula tea. Steep the herb in hot water, let
cool, then lightly dab the tea on the inflamed or delicate area with a cotton ball, and let air dry. Both of these herbs will temporarily soothe the inflamed tissues around the area and make it feel better.

There are lots of crèmes available and suppositories to use for easing the symptoms. If you desire a natural crème, calendula crème is a good choice to use. Rescue remedy creme is also a good choice to heal the delicate tissues in that area. You can also visit your naturopathic or homeopathic doctor and have him/her prescribe a specific individuated homeopathic remedy for you based upon your symptoms and indications. Collinsonia root and butchers broom herb is also good for strengthening and toning the blood vessels.

It is also important to wash the affected area after each bowel movement gently with a non-irritating gentle soap to make sure that the area and crevices are kept clean from all fecal material. Please do not aggravate the area further by scrubbing harshly or scratching. This will only serve to further irritate the tissues. If the situation does not improve or worsens, please visit your health care professional.

Herbal Remedies and Alternative Treatments for Hemorrhoids

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