Daily habits that can keep your teeth healthy forever

Your teeth are the part of your body that show off when you smile. You surely want to have that killing bright smile that attracts attention. You definitely don’t want to have a smile that pushes back the people around you. We all know how embarrassing it can be when we see a person smiling with colored teeth. It is even more embarrassing in a case where one tooth is missing. You can avoid that by simply taking good care of your teeth. Here are some few daily tips that you can rely on to keep you teeth healthy.

Brush or rinse after every meal

We eat through our mouth. We chew with our teeth. That means some left over remains are left in our teeth. The bacteria present in our mouth will immediately start producing acids to break that those remains left in between out teeth. This can cause tooth decay. That is why it is so crucial to brush after every meal. By removing the left overs more often, your teeth will stay strong for long.

Drink water and take in fruits often

The saliva plays an important role in keeping germs away from your mouth. By drinking a lot of water you keep your mouth moist with saliva.

You should also take in fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges, bananas and pineapple. This will help avoid loose teeth. Fruits rich in calcium should also be taken very often. Your teeth are made of calcium that gives it its strength. You can take fruits like apples, avocados, pears and guavas.

Not every drink is good for your teeth

You should know how to pick your drinks. Soda and alcoholic drinks have acidic properties. Those acids, if present for too long in the mouth will erode the enamel and cause cavity in the teeth. It doesn’t stop there. Alcohol also has the ability to dry out the mouth. A healthy mouth should be able to produce enough saliva. Saliva contains substances that eliminate germs in the mouth. A dry mouth is a mouth where bacteria can proliferate.

One good advise is to always rinse your mouth with clean water after taking in any of those drinks.

Do not underestimate the power of Sugar.

Most candy lovers don’t want to admit that the sugar in the candies have a devastating effect on their teeth. But that is actually the case. When sugar remains in the tooth, acid-producing bacteria get to work. The more sugar they break down, the more acid you have in your mouth. This process slowly eats away the enamel and you are left with a weak tooth.

Avoid eating too much candies, especially jelly ones. They can easily stick to your teeth for hours. In case you take some candies, rinse your mouth after you are done sucking on it.

Obvious bad habits.

I don’t have to tell you that smoking is not good. It is not just bad for the lungs but also bad for the teeth. Smoking creates nicotine deposits in your teeth that yellows the teeth and causes oral cancer. If you want strong teeth, just don’t smoke.

Your teeth were not designed for the purpose of snapping off bottle caps. If you are in that habit, stop immediately. You may accidentally lose one tooth.
25% of US adults older than sixty five don’t have any teeth anymore. This doesn’t have to be your case you when you get to that age. Just by following the tips listed above you can still have strong healthy teeth as you grow older. Just take good care of them and you will be fine.