Healthcare costs will spike– US employees in for a surprize

There could not be a better time to pursue a healthy lifestyle by getting get active, having a great diet – and read healthynewage to stay in the game with alternative health, why is that?

Well, according to benefit consultants in the US, employers will, over the next 18 months, embrace changes in the way health insurance is paid for, in such a way that employees will be left with a significant part of the health bill. Higher deductibles could mean that employees will personally have to take care of some bills and examples of such contributions could include: Xray’s at $60, Orthopedist in NYC or LA: $240, bill for checking out a painful knee or elbow: $950.

Great news for the 1% who have invested in insurance firms, another shock for the middleclass and 99% who thought healthcare is a basic human right. According to Mr Ron Pollack, the executive director of Families USA , which is a healthcare advocacy group: Patients will basically cover a significant part of any fees before matters will reach the stage where the healthcare plans will kick in.

Whilst there are different approaches between companies like Wells Fargo and Walmart, one thing is sure: The end user of healthcare will either pay more indirectly through insurance premiums or directly at the time when healthcare is required.

Now it is not only the insurers who are smiling at the opportunity of more business, but who else? Yes, you guessed right: Our lawyers who are a little low on work – it is estimated that the public will bring more cases under consumer legislation against Doctor’s in order to dispute bills and to that extend perhaps the Doctors will be a part of the 99% for once.

The European convention on Human Rights is a treaty adopted into the legislature of many regimes around the world. One of it’s primary provisions is that of the right to life – and the obligation this provides the state with to keep alive it’s citizens in times of illness or incident. Unfortunately it appears that counties are more keen on co-operating with tax collection than the protection of life, besides: is it not the “elites” who feel that the planet is overpopulated?

This begs the question as to where healthcare is heading in the US: Recently, a famous boxer, Corrie Saunders died in South Africa after he was shot by Zimbabwean robbers during a family meal in a public restaurant. The reason he died was perhaps not due to how critical he was, but due to the fact that he was denied access and help to two hospitals who could not help him either because they felt he was not a resident in the area (a state hospital) and another who claimed some insurance issue.

We encourage our readers to study the information on and to see what you can do to live healthy – prevention is better than cure.