Learn About Effects of Chocolate and Healthy Diabetic Hot Cocao sweetened with Yacon Syrup or Stevia

Healthy Chocolate That’s Rich in Antioxidants Sweetened with Yacon Syrup

Who would have ever thought that chocolate could be a health food?

Recent studies are showing that rich natural
chocolate that has not been overly processed has several health beneficial properties.

Of course the studies that
showed these benefits were not based on typical high sugar, milk rich, overly processed, low grade chocolate
products, like chocolate syrups and powered cocoa mixes found at your neighborhood supermarket. But, healthy chocolate
that still contains flavanol, the same potent plant compounds found in other plant based foods such as wine and green

Flavanol-enriched chocolates are often seventy percent dark organic cocoa which offers far more antioxidant benefits.
Of course, a chocolate bar also contains some fat, but most bars are created with saturated vegetable fat. This type
of fat behaves in an artery-friendly way, much like olive or canola oil.

Chocolate for a Healthy Heart

The flavonoids in chocolate actually help to slow the process of the “bad” LDL cholesterol from clogging
the arteries, and at the same time supports blood platelets from becoming less likely to clump and cause clots. Flavanols
may be associated with controlling another chemical in the body that regulates the arteries. This chemical is known
as nitric oxide and is a compound that is critical for healthy blood flow and pressure. Therefore eating some healthy
dark chocolate may be good for your heart health.

Sure, you’ll find healthy dark chocolate a bit more expensive and not as sweet as milk chocolate. But it is rich
in flavonoids because of the way it’s processed. As time goes by, we are going to find more healthy food manufacturers
celebrating the news about chocolate and antioxidants. They will fund studies to do more research to learn what the
minimum and maximum daily requirements are of flavanol-enriched chocolate. Once we know the daily antioxidant dosage
it will be incorporated into many different supplements and healthy food products. They most likely will be sugar
free and dairy free. We just hope that studies will also take into consideration the health risks of using artificial
sweeteners and use healthy stevia, yacon, or agave nectar instead.

Healthy Chocolate

Diabetic Safe, Healthy Chocolate Drink Sweetened with Stevia or Yacon Syrup

You will be happy to know that you can now find Healthy Chocolate powder on the internet that does not contain sugar or fat and tastes even
better than standard grocery products that are loaded with sugar, hormone laced milk fat, and proteins. This recipe is specially great alternative for
diabetics who long to have their favorite sugary delights but are unable to do so because of diet restrictions. With
a Diabetic hot chocolate (sweetened with Stevia or Yacon Syrup), you can now enjoy a hot cup of cocoa without having to worry
about your increased blood sugar levels and the related complications. Even if you are not a diabetic, but health
conscious of the negative effects of sugar, overprocessed chocolate, and milk fats, this hot chocolate will satisfy
your need for a sweet treat will helping you reduce your daily calorie intake.

This cocoa powder tastes better than the usual store bought powder mixes because it is actually raw cocao nibs that have been ground to a fine powder. This hot chocolate recipe is loaded with antioxidants to help in strengthen your
immune system. The association between chocolate and antioxidants has already been proved and this drink contains more antioxidants than standard chocolate
products. Antioxidants are good for the body because they help in eliminating free radicals that can harm the basic
cell structure and can even lead to the development of fatal diseases such as cancer, kidney related problems, and
even heart disease.

Now you do not have to punish yourself by putting restrictions on your diet. With this healthy hot chocolate recipe, you
can now enjoy your favorite chocolate drink, without worrying about your health or your weight.

Raw Hot Chocolate Recipe

To make the best healthy hot chocolate use raw cocao powder such as Navitas Naturals Cocao Powder sweetened with healthy Yacon Syrup. Just heat one cup of Organic Milk and blend in three tablespoons of raw Organic Cocoa Powder and two tablespoons of Organic Yacon Syrup. You can add a dash of Cayenne or Cinnamon if you like, or a fresh sprig of peppermint. This is a very satisfying and yummy healthy alternative to the corn syrup based chocolate products found on your supermarket shelf that are loaded with empty calories and high on the glycemic index.

Find Nativas Naturals Organic Hot Chocolate Recipe Ingredients

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