Health implications of hurricane sandy, acute stress disorder

The US is fairly well organized when it get’s to dealing with both the aftermath and also the immediate effects of storms such as hurricane Sandy. Having learned a great deal from the failings with hurricane Katrina, experts feel that the responses of the US administrations was much better.

In Haiti for example there was immediate food shortages, higher food prices and deaths as a result of illnesses such as cholera. It also destroyed 70% of the banana and other food crops.

Now experts are suggesting that as far as the US is concerned, whilst supply chains have been boosted and every effort made to help those affected, that the mental health effects of Sandy could be powerful – probably not as powerful as the effects of the Libyan children when the US had it’s  most recent adventure in North Africa, however acute stress disorder is still a very normal response by people typically affected by these events.

Mental health effects on Sandy victims:

Those suffering from acute stress disorder may experience these symptoms: irritability, feeling numb or detached from others by withdrawing from people, insomnia and restlessness. It is thought that these symptoms are rather short term and that people are relatively resilient although seeking help and providing support for those affected is advisable.

Whilst hospitals and doctors work closely with emergency teams to take care of those with physical health needs, it is still unclear what the physical health effects has been.

Helping and making donations for Sandy victims:

In order to help those who may have lost their houses, are in poor health, in need of shelter or food, we can all help them by donating to the Red Cross or Americare. A full article on what Americare does can be accessed here: Americare donations. Visiting Americare’s website directly is the best way of helping.