Safe, Natural, and Drug-Free – Anti Aging Benefits of LifeWave’s Patches

In 2004 a new company was born. Its mission: to provide radical technology for personal-improvement. When a body looks and feels its best, great things can be achieved.

LifeWave is dedicated to keeping people healthy by offering natural, drug-free approaches to health and wellness.

The company’s FDA-approved and clinically-tested products work efficiently and quickly at restoring the body’s natural energy balance in order to feel and look one’s best.

LifeWave’s “Patch”

LifeWave features a series of patches, each designed to offer incredible health benefits to those who use them. The patches are 100% chemical and herb free. This non-transdermal technology—meaning nothing enters the body—is about “communication” with the body’s natural energy levels.

When one’s energy system is in balance, the body’s innate healing capability can function at its optimal level. What results is a body that not only looks healthy, but feels great too: energy levels are high, sleeping patterns are regular and stress-free, muscles are free of tension, the face is relaxed and visibly smooth of wrinkles and lines, and there are no harmful build ups of toxins throughout the body.

The Revolutionary Products by LifeWave

LifeWave has several innovative and technologically-advanced products designed to give users optimal health benefits with no chemical or herbal interference.

Energy Enhancer is a patch that uses magnetic fields to transfer resonant energy and subtly stimulate acupressure points that lead to improved energy flow in the body within mere minutes. The body burns its extra fat to translate into energy when using this patch.

The Ice Wave patch delivers quick, drug-free pain relief to various parts of the body by also stimulating acupressure points. As a unique thermal regulatory patch, Ice Wave is fast acting, as within a few minutes it has been proven to significantly reduce inflammation, aches, and pains throughout the body.

LifeWave’s Silent Night natural patch significantly improves the user’s sleep by allowing for improved and balanced energy flow throughout the body’s energy meridians, thereby contributing to a relaxed, uncomplicated night’s rest. A well-rested person is significantly less likely than an overtired person to experience accidents or illness due to exhaustion.

SP6 Complete, also known as “the appetite control patch,” is LifeWave’s homeopathic patch that works to curb food cravings and regulate users’ appetites. This safe, natural, and convenient approach to weight management rebalances the energy points and metabolic functions that balance and control one’s appetite, such as the stomach, spleen, and kidneys.

The Y-Age series of patches work to revitalize one’s overall well being:

  • Y-Age Aeon is the newest patch available. This is a chemical-free approach to reduce stress in the body. It also works to rebalance the body’s autoimmune system, vastly improving one’s overall health.
  • Y-Age Glutathione improves the overall health of the user by increasing the production of glutathione, the main antioxidant responsible for detoxification and immune improvements. This is an antioxidant the body usually halts production of at the age of 35, therefore Y-Age Glutathione is often referred to as the anti-aging patch.
  • Y-Age Carnosine improves the bioelectrical properties of organs, contributing to an overall improved wellness. This patch works to repair cells and helps control acidity in muscles. Carnosine occurs naturally within the body, but as one ages this nutrient’s production decreases. Research suggests carnosine is they key nutrient in keeping the body looking and feeling young.

Natural and Safe LifeWave ProductsEach of the above patches are also available in LifeWave Plus Homeopathic Medicine. This system works by “activating the body’s bioenergetic system” to activate the body’s innate healing processes using plant, mineral, or animal substances in diluted form. As with the LifeWave patches, the homeopathic medicine is completely natural and safe to use.


History of LifeWave in 18 Minutes

Suzanne Sommers writes about these cutting edge products in her book, Knock Out, and is an ambasador of LifeWave. Sommers shares her commitment to LiveWave products, holistic health, and how the patches—including the latest AEON patch—are changing people’s lives in the following video.