Review of The Healing Power of Energized Water by Ulrich Holst

Fresh Water Splash

What is that glass of tap water you drink everyday really all about?

Is it just a chemical composition, H2O?

Or is there more to the story of wonderful, life giving water?

In his book, The Healing Power of Energized Water: The New Science of Potentizing the Worlds Most Vital Resource published by Healing Arts Press, Ulrich Holst sets out to teach us what water is really all about. He shares how you can transform your own mundane, potentially harmful tap water into an extraordinary, life-giving liquid.

A History of Pure Water

Fresh Water SplashAfter years of research stemming from his own curiosity, Holst talks to many experts and digs into the rich history of water, what it is, how we use it now and in the past, and how we can transform it into a healing liquid that will give our bodies and souls life.

Many of us are aware of the concerns over the contamination of water and Holst’s book moves us into another direction where we come to understand how precious water is and how to drink the best water possible.

6 Chapters of Water Power

In this six chapter, 152 page paperback book, The Healing Power of Energized Water, Holst takes the reader on a journey to look at water in a way many of us have never considered before. Chapter One: Water Gives Life to All Things explores our ancient connection and need for water, and talks about the diversity of cultures and their different values and appreciation for water.

Clear Droplets of WaterDesert cultures have a much deeper value and understanding of the importance of water than do many of the citizens of the Western worlds, who simply turn a knob to see water flow continuously out of their taps.

Yet despite these diverse understandings of water people the world over are still facing the same water tragedy: the disappearance of potable water. And although this devastation is seen most clearly in many of the third world, impoverished countries, this pure water scarcity is a fact that we all must face.

Other chapters include The Peculiarities of Water, Pioneers of Water Research, The Power of Compressed Energy, Bioenergetic Technologies for the Revitalization of Water, and Revitalizing Your Own Water: What You Need to Know.

Discover Water Facts and Stats to Open Your Eyes

Running Water in RiverHolst reveals many statistics and facts about this potable water scarcity in The Healing Power of Energized Water. These carefully chosen and revealed facts help the reader to truly understand the impending water tragedy that is close at hand and the devastation that it will bring.

The United States and the Western world are not spared. According to a study set forth by former President Bill Clinton, every single river in the United States of America contains some form of chemical pollutants.

What is Happening to the Blood of Mother Earth?

And in Holst’s own words (partly borrowed from the Native Americans) he says, “The blood of the Earth Mother has suffered complete desecration.”

As the book continues, Holst explains many of the technical aspects of water: its healing abilities, true composition, power of memory, and much more.

Optimism Prevails Despite Gloomy Situation

Healing Power of Energized Water BookCoverBut in The Healing Power of Energized Water, Holst doesn’t preach doom and gloom about water. Despite the message of this impending tragedy that we all must take very seriously and begin to listen to immediately, Holst somehow comes across optimistic, inspiring, and definitely positive.

He also offers a solution to you and provides a wealth of detailed information for you to use to if you so choose. He takes the technical and makes it understandable to the lay person. Holst teaches the reader the ways that he or she can transform their own tap water into amazing, transforming, life-giving water in its purest, most life-giving form.

The Healing Power of Energized Water informs, inspires, and teaches the reader how to harness the amazing power of water for true life and ultimate health.

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