Home Remedy for Head Lice Treatment to Safely Remove from Body and Home

Holistic Home Remedy for Safely Removing Lice from Body and

More than 12 million Americans, mostly children and school professionals are infested with lice each year.

Lice also infect pets and animals, which require the same treatment as head lice.

Also called head louse, this parasite is an insect and technically named Pediculus humanus capitis.

Home Remedy for Head Lice – Safely Remove Lice From Head and Home

People suffering from the problem of having head lice are usually very anxious to learn how to get rid of
head lice.

But before looking at the treatments and herbal remedies, it is essential to know what head lice
look like.

These small creatures are scientifically categorized as “Pediculus capitis” and are tiny, wingless parasites
that feed on human blood and cause severe itching in the head. Pediculosis is the term used for the infestation
of the body or hair with adult lice, larvae and eggs.

In addition to the human body, lice also infect animals
and pets. They are highly contagious and spread quickly from one person to another, mainly at group-settings
like schools, colleges and offices, to name a few. They have specially adapted claws that enable them to
crawl and cling to your hair.

There is more than one home remedy for head lice removal that is safe and natural,
so you don’t have to use toxic products.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

You need to follow the following steps to rid yourself of head lice:

Step 1:

  • Before starting with the hair cleaning process, you need to ensure that
    the work area is not carpeted and remove all rugs, towels or clothes that are lying around. The lice often
    tend to make homes in these items whenever they are disturbed.
  • Next, Tie you hair at the crown, if your hair is long.
  • Dip a cotton swab into a safe cleansing liquid and clean the ears and paint a ring around the outer portion
    of the ears and the hairline around the head. Keep the head dry and start at the nape of the neck along the
    hairline and keep saturating the hair, as you move towards the crown where the hair is tied.
  • Then apply the lice cleanser in a manner that saturates the hair completely. Massage the head properly and
    work till the lather is well formed.
  • Then comb through the hair, to ensure total coverage and tie or wrap the hair up again, at the crown.
  • Keep massaging the scalp at an interval of every ten minutes for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Reapply the cleanser and work till the lather is formed and follow the same process for 20 minutes.
  • Allow the cleanser to soak in and then rinse it off.
  • Dry your hair and comb it with a nit comb, in order to remove any remaining lice.
  • If possible do the nit picking in daylight and use hot water and a non-toxic liquid cleanser on the head.

Step 2:

  • Once the home based treatment for head lice has been completed, launder all jackets, clothing, bed
    linen, pillow covers, hair combs, brushes, doodads, rugs, ribbons and mats.
  • These should be washed at 140 degrees or you may not kill the eggs and lice that are lingering. In order to
    get the best results, pre-soak or pre-wash for at least 30 minutes before the final wash.
  • In addition to washing exposed items, vacuum clean the carpets, furniture and car seats and remove the plastic
    bags used in the vacuum cleaner immediately after finishing and properly dispose so you will not reinfect
    the home.
  • It is very important to eliminate the existence of lice from your body and the surrounding areas. This is
    the only way to get rid of the consistent irritation. Besides the natural treatment, proper sanitation and
    hygiene are very essential.

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