Apostolic Healing: Laying on of Hands

Apostolic Healing through Laying-On-Of-Hands

Apostolic Healing through Laying-On-Of-Hands

The church of my youth was The Church of Christ. The healing power of prayer was emphasized but the practice
of hands-on healing was not.

However, I had a brother who was a Pentecostal preacher so I found out about it through him. I remember well
the time I attended a prayer meeting with my sister. I went, fully girded about with my faith and ready to
fight a war against these “Holy-Rollers” who might try to convert me to their ways. I can smile
now at my ignorance but then, the fear was real. I didn’t understand the power of the Holy Spirit, when it
entered the body, could make you jump and shout and be able to heal. I didn’t know that God could take over
your vocal cords and allow you to speak some kind of cosmic tongue. I just knew that the people were going
wild. Looking back, I also recognize that I felt the Spirit myself but was too afraid to let it in.

When I work in the Apostolic Tradition, I am often filled with an energy so intense that I simply must sing
or shout. My hands seem “Electric” and there is a great, tremendous joy in my being. My heart chakra
feels expanded and free. Sometimes, I feel Mother Mary and other times, I feel Jesus. Either way, the overwhelming
sense is one of being held in a powerful loving space and covered in warm light. This doesn’t always happen
in a healing session. I don’t try to make it happen. I just pray and open myself to God’s will. It is a mystery
and I bow before it.

One might assume from the above that I often speak in tongues and dance around, shouting. Sometimes I do but
mostly, I have integrated that energy and am able just to transmit the power of the healing. I have separated
the “Christ” that was preached to me from pulpits from the Christ that lives in my heart. I know
the difference now. The former creates walls and barriers between churches and groups of spiritual people.
The latter breaks down walls of religious barrier, reaches out to others (no matter what their faith) in
unconditional love and tolerance. Jesus Christ, as I know Him and feel Him move in my life, energizes the
heart chakra with beautiful light. When I am “In That Energy Field” or it is in me, I know I am
operating from a most high spiritual place and that my actions will be for the highest good of all involved.

Some are confused that I believe in Christ and walk my spiritual walk in line with His teachings, but still
practice Native-American spirituality as well as enjoying ceremonies from other faiths (Jewish, Celtic, Taoist,
Buddhist, etc.). To me, there is absolutely no conflict between Native-American spirituality and the true
Christian path. They both teach love and respect for all life, honoring Spirit in all things, and learning
the lessons our life presents, for growth and evolvement. In fact, every spiritual path I have taken the
time to share and learn about, has enriched my own and taken nothing away from my faith or my personal relationship
with Christ Jesus.

Spiritual Mantras – Lifting It Up

I have a special mantra: I lift it up. I say it many times a day. Some days, I say it over and over. Some
days, it is all I seem to say.

This mantra has to do with directed energy. I believe that denial and suppression of feelings only creates
a backlog to be dealt with at a later date. I believe in personal responsibility, and owning what I create.
I also believe that it isn’t whether or not I express negative feelings but the way I choose to express them
which determines whether they dissipate or increase in my life. I came to awareness that this truth had a
Reality-Shifting potential, if I would apply it to what would be called “Negative Emotions.” For
example, if I am feeling depressed and I speak out “I Feel so Depressed,” the energy of those words
has been released into my Third-Dimensional auric field but it has no power to leave. It saturates me with
the truth of my own pronouncement and I sink lower. However, if I lift it up, by adding the word “God,” it
moves beyond the Third-Dimension and beyond the laws of same. When I say “God, I Feel so Depressed,” I
have sent the expression of my honest feeling upward, and connected with a source aspect far larger than
my personality self. When I further lift it up, by consciously releasing it to Godforce, and asking for a
transmutation, my auric field is momentarily free of that energy and I can achieve the first step toward
a healing.

This is not an exercise that seemed to work immediately for me. There was the doubt factor to be overcome.
There was also a perverse part of my character that wanted God to feel sorry for me, and that could only
happen if I held on to that about which I was complaining. Sometimes, I liked the feeling of righteous indignation
and was too attached to “Being Right” to let go of my anger. Other times, I was too much in the
grip of past programming to let go of “The Way it’s always been.” It took discipline to get myself
to the point where I could hold my intention long enough to actually let go of what I had lifted up. It was
worth the effort because, at that moment, my world changed in a powerful, positive way, and it has never
been the same.

This technique works particularly well with anger. Let’s say you are angry at someone and speak that out as
a projection toward them, by saying “I am very Angry with you.” No matter what it feels like, the
reality is that you have engaged in a form of energy manipulation, designed to cause the other person to
act in a different way toward you. For example, if you feel someone is not respecting you and you speak out
your feelings to them in anger, that is your personal energy attempting to manipulate the other person into
seeing that they are not being respectful. Usually, the opposite result is achieved because when the aggressive
energy hits the other person, they respond with even more resistance.

Amazingly, it doesn’t even matter if the words are spoken out loud; just thinking angry thoughts at someone
has the same effect. Yet, it is an incredibly different experience if you add the word “God.” If
I say, “God, I am so Angry at (fill in the blank),” you have lifted it up. The energy doesn’t go
out toward the other person at all. Then, if you further set your intent by asking that the anger be transmuted
and delivered back in a form of energy you can utilize for your own healing and understanding, that is exactly
what happens “Ask And Ye Shall Receive” If you remember to do this as soon as the feelings flare
up, it will often happen that a direct confrontation with the other person becomes unnecessary. Of course,
much of this depends on the ego self being willing to let the higher self work it out.

There may be some resistance to lifting up anger to God, some feeling that you shouldn’t feel the anger. To
me, this is pure hogwash programming. Godforce is big enough to receive any feeling we need to express. Godforce
can take the rage, the guilt, the shame and the Self-Hate. Never be afraid to bare yourself before Great
Spirit. If you can’t speak the truth there, where can it be spoken? This reminds me of an old gospel song
which came to my mind the other day. It is one that I hadn’t thought of for quite a while. I sang it while
I was walking around the Medicine Wheel today, lifting the same thing up, over and over. It was my ego’s
struggle with letting go. Then, it came to me to sing that old hymn, or at least what I remembered of it:

“Just as I am, without one plea but that thy blood was shed for me and that thou bids me come to thee
Oh, Lamb of God, I come I come.”

I can stand before my God when I am pitiful, angry, selfish, stubborn, stupid, clueless or blind. Just as
I am; no excuses; I can come boldly before the throne of grace. So can you. What a marvelous privilege. Lift
it up, my Relatives, and let it go.

Improv, Spirituality and Johnny Cash

In Honor of Johnny and June Carter Cash I was drawn to the Johnny Cash website after a very strange synchronicity
occurred. I was in an acting class, which was improvisational on other words, made up was we went along.
And Johnny Cash happened to be in the improvised scene we did that night. When I went in the grocery store
to buy something the next day and saw the headline on the magazine, I realized he actually had passed from
the earth that week. It was a surreal moment, standing there.

June Carter Cash and Her Lift-Them-Up Philosophy

I don’t know for sure why I went to visit his website after that, maybe because God wanted me to see the
following excerpt from a tribute about June Carter Cash:

This is excerpted from a tribute to her Mother, written by Rosanna Cash – “That was June. In her eyes,
there were two kinds of people in the world: those she knew and loved, and those she didn’t know, and loved.
She looked for the best in everyone; it was a way of life for her. If you pointed out that a particular person
was perhaps not totally deserving of her love, and might in fact be somewhat of a lout, she would say, ‘Well,
honey, we just have to lift him up.’ She was forever lifting people up. It took me a long time to understand
that what she did when she lifted you up was to mirror the very best parts of you back to yourself. She was
like a spiritual detective. she saw into all your dark corners and deep recesses, saw your potential and
your possible future, and the gifts you didn’t even know you possessed, and she ‘lifted them up’ for you
to see.”

Parts of this spiritual message excerpted from “Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook, a free ebook.