Send Gift Cards With Flower Delivery From Trusted Hallmark

Hallmark Gift Cards with Flower Delivery at its Best

Hallmark Gifts – Best known for their beautiful flowers, and gift cards with flower delivery has really become an
American Institution.

It all began back in 1910 when an enterprising young man at the age of 18 stepped off a train in Kansas City, Missouri.

His name was Joyce Clyde Hall, and when he arrived in Kansas city he had nothing but two shoeboxes of postcards
tucked under his arm. He was in dire need to find a way to earn money and his enterprising spirit had an idea. With
the little money he had he found his lodging at the local YMCA where he began sending packets if postcards to dealers
throughout the area.

He mailed the packets along with an invoice. Now, some dealers returned the cards, while others were outright angry
to have received unsolicited merchandise and returned the cards letting him know. However, about one third of the
recipients actually mailed a check back. This pioneering young man found he was in business, and within a few months
he had enough money to open a checking account and thus the beginning of Hallmark.

During the next few years Hall’s business grew, and in 1915 his brother Rollie joined the business. They both knew
the future could be brighter if they expanded their vision. Soon they created valentines and Christmas cards. Not
just postcards, but they began printing their own high quality cards to place in envelopes.

Later this lead to the invention of modern day gift wrap. And the innovations of these two brothers changed the
whole scheme of gift giving. Well, the story goes on, and today Hallmark is an American Institution, where you can
gift anything from a get well gift basket and flowers, to beautiful flower arrangements with calalillies. If you
like you can read the Hallmark online magazine, or send one of their fantastic ecards for free. Of course, there
is nothing like a paper card in the mail. Or being the giver or recipient of a floral bouquet.

“We are in the business of helping people communicate,” says Hall! If you would like to send a heart felt
greeting to a loved one, let Hallmark help!

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