Hair transplant Turkey: Why is it so popular with patients?

With medical tourism strongly on the rise, thousands of men from all over Europe, Asia and even the Americas, visit Turkey to undergo their FUE hair transplants. We take a closer look at FUE procedures in general – and why Turkey has become so popular.

The basics of FUE transplant – what you should know:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method deployed during hair transplants. Of all the methods available to use your own hair, it is the leading choice with millions of patients. Follicular unit extraction in “donor” areas precedes transplantation in the main “recipient” area where the patient is bald. From all the “surgical” procedures available, FUE is the least invasive hence the popularity. It is referred to as a microsurgical procedure.

Today, the trend is moving away from people visiting places like “Harley Street in London” or “Beverley Hills Los Angeles” to undergo FUE procedures – as many other destinations have become popular. The initial catalyst for this may have been the cost advantage these alternative locations offer, but today, after years of helping thousands of patients, these once alternative locations, have become mainstream and that is precisely where some of the most experienced doctors are to be found.

Hair transplant in Turkey – why is it so popular?

In its favour, Turkey has a convenient location with some of the most connected flight routes in the world, at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It also has a weak currency relative to the USD and Euro, which means that the cost advantage does not jeopardize high quality care and experience. Given that over the last few years so many people visited Turkey, it is fair to say that doctors there have a wealth of experience, particularly with FUE transplantation.

Experience matters: Dr. Serkan Aygin, for example, was one of the early adopters of FUE – who have performed the procedure in Turkey. He started back in 1996 and by today, he is one of the leading authorities in the world on FUE. He is not alone in this: Turkey as a country was one of the first in the world to start with the procedure and it is commonly known with the local population.

Convenience matters too: Dr. Aygin and his team know what visitors need to make them feel welcome and have a great experience. For this reason, they provide all-inclusive packages where the visitor receives a private transfer from the airport, a hotel and a dedicated translator. Convenience, discretion and professionalism is what distinguishes top-tier clinics from “me too” FUE clinics.

Dr. Serkan Aygin

Wondering what so many celebrities go and do in Turkey on these short trips away? Well now you know another reason: cosmetic surgical hair treatment is huge in Istanbul!

What is “Soft FUE”?

At the Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, they make use of Soft FUE, which is essentially a painless sedation used on even infants. During the procedure, and anesthesiologist is present – the patient remains conscious, but without any pain at all. The idea thus that FUE has to leave a scar, or cause pain, does not hold power at this clinic: they do not cause scarring nor any pain (For more on Soft FUE, visit this site). So if you wondered: “Are hair transplants painful?” The answer is no, they certainly do not have to be.

What about DHI transplants?

It should be noted that not all candidates and ethnicities are suitable for DHI transplants: This is essentially a method where the “Choi” implanter pen is used to perform FUE transplantation. Great for thicker hair, typically present with Asian people, but less so for other ethnicities. There can therefore not be a generalization that a procedure that worked well in Asia, will be a huge success with patients from all over the world. At the Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic, they are well aware of this issue, which is why they tend to stick to the more successful “Soft FUE” method for the majority of patients. The key, off course, is individual assessment and not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to hair transplantation. Turkey, being at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, has seen a multitude of all ethnicities undergoing FUE. It is therefore generally accepted that Turkish doctors with experience, have the upper hand in suggesting the most suitable individual approach.


Preparing for FUE transplants in Turkey:

Nowadays, it has become incredibly straightforward: Arrange an online consultation so that the doctor can see the extent of the procedure required, agree on an available time slot, pricing etc. and get it done. Off course while Turkey is very affordable, you are not necessarily looking for the cheapest outfit in town: practitioners such as Dr. Aygin who have done this since 1996 will off course have a lead over any newcomers – and that is a factor to consider.

It is noted on the Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic website that there are several help sections to educate patients on what to expect: “Before Hair Transplant Operation”, “After Procedure Care”, “Post Operative Wash” and off course an extensive FAQ section, are all very valuable resources to make use of before and after the FUE procedure.

If you are not in a rush: remember that Dr. Aygin operates out of Istanbul – so try to combine this with a touristic escapade or even think about spending a few more days after the procedure in Turkey to chill out and enjoy great local hospitality.


We already know that FUE beats many other options: It is better than conventional hair loss surgery, and in the long run, offers a plethora of advantages over wigs, extensions and so-called lace systems that have endless challenges with maintenance and hygiene. Now you know another cure for baldness: going to Turkey. Choosing Turkey for your FUE procedure can turn out to be a good decision, after all: it is great to have options!

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