Hair Removal System Inhibits Unwanted Body Hair – No Shaving


Do You Have This Problem: Unwanted Facial and Body Hair Keeps
Growing Back?


Unfortunately, the methods of hair removal to date have been temporary, painful, expensive, and ineffective
– Until Now.

If you want to be able to go weeks – even months – without shaving, then we have the perfect solution for

Kalo, our breakthrough hair retardant formula, will inhibit your unwanted hair permanently, Guaranteed.

Since reaching puberty, chances are you have hair somewhere on your body that you wish would magically disappear.

You can shave, depilate, wax, and tweeze, but to no avail – it always grows back. If you’re like most women,
you either waste precious time every day shaving away unwanted hair, or cover up with long pants.

If you’re a man, you probably have to shave once, possibly even twice a day. Or maybe you just want to show
off that hard earned muscle definition.

Kalo is a revolutionary hair inhibiting formula that will permanently keep your unwanted hair from growing
back – so you can spend your free time with your loved ones instead of your razor.

What Exactly is Kalo?

Kalo is
a light, soothing, herbal based aqueous mist that you spray on after shaving, waxing, or sugaring.

Its magical inhibiting powers work like this: physically removing hair creates tiny openings in your skin
where the hairs previously resided.

This is where Kalo unleashes its magic, absorbing into the skin and creating an enzymatic reaction. Kalo’s
proprietary formula works directly in the follicle, neutralizing the key elements necessary for hair to grow,
without damaging skin tissue or causing irritation.

In short, it safely tricks the cells to stop reproducing a healthy hair.

After each removal session, you will notice that 10-15% of your hair will not grow back. With continued use
in conjunction with waxing or tweezing, growth can ultimately be ceased completely. Think about how convenient
it would be if you never had to shave again – ever.

Even in a worst case scenario – a man with a very dense, coarse beard who shaves two or three times a day
– the growth can be retarded to the point that this person need shave only two or three times a week.

You can easily receive more information on Kalo and why it is so effective and learn about safe hair removal to get rid of unwanted
hair for good.

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