Gut health – Some finds to keep you well

Holistic Nutrition

Did you know that our bodies contain around 39 trillion bacteria, of which most of these reside in our intestines? These bacteria are called the gut microbiota. More so, these gut microbiota plays a significant function in regulating our body’s functioning, our overall health, and how we feel. In addition, these make-up around 70 percent of our immune system.

Here are some tips to keep your gut health in tip-top condition.

Psyllium husk powder

If you are suffering from bloating or constipation, then psyllium husk could be effective in getting your bowels moving, but also to reduce the bloating. In fact, psyllium husk powder acts as a broom, and it sweeps clean the built-up residue in the intestines, plus promoting a detox daily.

But start slow. Just a teaspoon for the first two weeks and then you can raise the dose each week by a teaspon untill the symptoms goes away.

Community supported agriculture

If you supporting local organic produces you not only limit the amount of impact on the environment in terms of emissions since the transport of the vegetables and meat produces will be less than shipping them across continents, from one part of a country to another. But you will get meat that comes from cows that have been grass-fed, and other vegetables that all can help to promote good gut bacteria. Plus, these foods are rich in fiber, and the nutrients that your body is craving, without the pesticides.

Squatty potty

If your body is in the best anatomical position for full evacuation you will not crush your intestines, thus be able to have better bowel movements. There are a device, the squatty potty that help you get into the correct position. Your feet will be raised on the stool, but it also allows your muscles to relax. Thereby you will have a more complete evacuation.

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay, which is formed from volcanic ash and mixed with water, is an excellent detoxifying agent. This that the clay performs like a magnet and attracts unwanted toxins in the body. More so, the clay acts as a natural bulk laxative. As such, this bentonite clay makes a good solution for diarrhea.

Acacia fiber

The dietary fiber produced from the gum of the acacia tree, acacia fiber, assists to regulate motility through the gastrointestinal tract. But acacia fiber also helps ease irritable bowel syndrome symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating.

Acacia fiber has a prebiotic effect that supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria to assist the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. In addition, this fiber dissolves totally in a small quantity of water or any type of beverage. Plus, it should be noted that acacia fiber is odorless, tasteless, as well as grit-free.