Sprout it Out in Your Organic Garden: Grow Fresh Sprouting Seeds

Fresh Sprouts Growing

Sprouts are a delicious addition to salads, sandwiches, and wraps. They are nutritious and add great texture and variety to dishes.

Sprouts are also incredibly easy and inexpensive to grow oneself.

Keeping fresh sprouts in the kitchen year-round is possible with some desire, some seeds, and something in which to grow them.

When growing your own, the selection of organic sprouting seeds you can grow surpasses purchasing aged sprouts and the limited varieties from which to choose in your local grocery.

Growing and Eating Sprouts

Fresh Sprouts GrowingSeeds are dense with nutrients; therefore eating seed sprouts is an extremely functional method of increasing one’s nutrient intake. Because sprouts are easily grown within a few days, fresh produce is always guaranteed.

With home-grown sprouts, there is assurance of their organic nature: no additives or preservatives to spoil them. Sprouts can be grown in any kitchen on a year-round basis, ensuring a constant supply of delicious, fresh greens.

To grow sprouts at home, all that is required are some seeds, some fresh water, a container in which to grow them, and a small area for the container. Add some sunshine and a few minutes of one’s time and fresh sprouts will be available for harvest within days.

Variety of Tasty Organic Seeds to Sprout

There are many types of seeds that can be used to grow sprouts, each offering its own unique flavor, texture, and color.

Popular choices include: buckwheat, red clover, chia, broccoli, alfalfa, lentils, mustard, cabbage, fenugreek, garlic, radish, sunflower, and wheatgrass.

How to Grow Fresh Sprouts

In the video, How to Make Fresh Sprouts from Sprouting Seeds, Mountain Rose Herbs shares with viewers complete instructions on growing sprouts at home. In this organic gardening video, the audience will learn the benefits of growing their own sprouts, three different methods on how to grow your own sprouts—with a Mason jar, a sprout bag, and the Miracle Sprouter—and easy storage advice.

Sprouts add a wonderful taste, texture, and color dimension to any meal. Simple and inexpensive to grow at home, sprouts can easily become a standard feature of every kitchen.