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Good Health Supplements Help Maintain Heart Health – Care for
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Good Health Supplements are dedicated to offering you affordable leading edge technology in anti-aging, cardiovascular,
multi-vitamin, digestive nutritional supplementation.

Good Health Supplements support your good health, longevity, and naturally renew the energy and vitality of
your youth. The CEO of Good Health Supplements has a powerful story. You might enjoy reading what was behind
his desire to create an exceptional healthy formula to maintain heart health.

This powerful supplement program is great for men and women’s heart health.

A Family History of Heart Disease

A special to you…Hello.
My name is Ira Marxe. I’m CEO of Good Health Supplements and I want to tell you how finding the right nutrients
had an incredibly positive impact on my health and changed my life.

But first, a bit of important background information. My family history is one of heart disease once they
reached their late 60s. As a result of their heart problems, both my farther and mother died of congestive
heart failure.

In my late 60s, I too began showing those same signs of heart disease that are associated with clogged arteries,
even though I was in generally good health being on our growth hormone supplement. Things like swelling of
the ankles late in the day, fingers and toes quickly getting cold, quick to get breathless when I exerted
myself, memory re-call getting worse and worse, etc.

Unlike my parents, I’m one of those who hated taking drugs with their inherent side effects, and kept putting
off my doctor’s insistent drug suggestions. I really believed there must be a better and more natural way
to correct my cardiovascular problems, and as it turned out, I was right.

In August of 2001, at age 78, I finally got lucky. My prayers were answered. I found a nutritional product
(we now call GHS
Plus). that I imported (it wasn’t sold in this country) and began taking in September. It’s the only
known natural nutritional product of its kind that gives your body the nutrients it needs to clean the plaque
out of your arteries.

The product also gave me all the vitamin/mineral/amino acid supplementation my body needed. In other words,
the product replaced the multi-vitamins and minerals I was now taking. All I needed was the GHS Plus.

After my first month on the product, I was blown away with a positive side effect I never dreamed would happen.
I had lost a level of my hearing. I couldn’t hear what my wife would say if she was in the next room. I was
always asking, “What did you say?” It was after that first month that I realized one day I wasn’t
asking her “What did you say?” anymore. I could hear her!

Six weeks into the product, I stopped getting swollen ankles.

After six months on GHS Plus I have warm fingers and toes. My clarity of mind is incredible! My memory re-call
is so much improved and I sure don’t feel my age.

I am now able to do many strenuous things such as walking mountain trails, or lifting and carrying heavy items
without developing shortness of breath, and because of my improved blood flow, I have more stamina then I
have had in years.

Best of all, I have eliminated my need for heart medication and diuretics. I don’t need to take the cholesterol
medication (bad side effects) my doctor wanted me to take, and I have eliminated the threat of sudden heart
attack, stroke, and the threat of dying from congestive heart failure as my parents did.

The GHS Plus is enabling me to create a new family history, one without Heart Disease,
and because this is a product that can save lives and eliminate the need for bypass surgery, I knew I must
bring it to the public so that everyone can have the same health benefits that I have.

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My partner Jim Utzinger, president of Good
Health Supplements, agreed with me. GHS-Plus is now manufactured in the US at an FDA approved pharmaceutical
laboratory whose reputation for quality is second to none.

Do you know what’s so ironic? The leading cause of death among heart doctors is heart attack due to clogged

On May 17, 2003 I will turn 80 years of age. Notice I didn’t say “old” since I don’t feel or look “old.” I
feel young, look young, and am healthier than I have been in many a year.

By taking GHS Plus, GHS
Health-Zymes, GHS
PM Plus, I’m truly enjoying a healthy and vibrant new life. May it happen to you.

God Bless,

Ira Marxe

79 going on 59

PS – If you have just read this and you are a diabetic, know that the cleansing and dilating of your bloods
vessels will eliminate the threat of gangrene and keep you from having your limbs amputated.

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