Body Detoxification: GreenLife Weight Loss Method Focuses on Getting the Body Healthy

Bunches of Healthy Food

Developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, the GreenLife Weight Loss method helps users get rid of toxins, chemicals, parasites, and metabolic waste that keeps the body feeling sluggish, overweight, and unhealthy.

The GreenLife method is about detoxifying the body in a natural and healthy manner by taking aim at the residuals left in the body through diet. These residuals retain the body’s fat cells, making weight loss seemingly impossible.

The claim is that using the program’s detoxifying process, participants can expect a weight loss of 5 to 15 pounds within the first few weeks, and between 1 and 3 pounds per week after that.

Nutrition and Weight Loss Author

GreenLife Creator Charles LivingstonChiropractic physician, wellness practitioner, and GreenLife WeightLoss methodology coach Dr. Charles Livingston has extensive knowledge of alternative healing techniques, nutrition, and weight loss. He has written many articles and books on weight loss, including the series Fat2Fit Weightloss System. His newest book, GreenLife WeightLoss Methodology, discusses natural weight loss approaches and how to keep fat from returning.

Dr. Livingston’s GreenLife method does not focus on dieting, rather about getting the body to a healthy state using a safe and natural detoxification process. This process will rid the body of the toxins, chemicals, and parasites that are culprits in food cravings, hormone imbalances, retained fat, and even food addictions.

The Healthy Body

The human body is naturally designed to eliminate toxins through the liver, kidneys, and colons. But because the human body is overexposed to toxins on a continuous basis, it can get overloaded and fail to keep up with its natural cleansing processes.

The liver gets backed up with toxins, which in turn are transformed into fat. This fat becomes the new place for toxins to be stored. But it’s not about dieting to lose the fat, as without fat the toxins manifest into fatigue, headaches, and more, prompting bodies to regain the fat. What Dr. Livingston and the GreenLife program prescribe is building the body to be healthy and free from all the toxins to begin with.

What the GreenLife Program Includes

In addition to Dr. Livingston’s book, those who enroll in this wellness program receive:

  • a list of healthy foods to make grocery shopping easier;
  • a persona weight loss journal;
  • goal/risk assessment support;
  • a weight loss chart;
  • eight videos designed to supplement the plan each step of the way; and
  • additional books: Training and Nutrition Secrets by Mike Geary, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors by Jon Barron, and Smoothies for Athletes by Ryan Lee.

Bunches of Healthy FoodThe GreenLife Weight Loss program is not just a plan to hep people lose excess weight, but a healthy approach to wellness. This approach will cleanse toxins from the body, resulting in increased energy levels, healthier hair and skin, and an overall improvement in health. This method will also increase one’s metabolism, regulate high blood sugar levels, decrease cholesterol, and regulate blood pressure.

To prove the program’s efficacy, it comes with a guarantee: in 8 weeks participants will see a dramatic change in their bodies and overall health, or a full money refund will be issued.

Free Health Report

GreenLife also offers a free fat loss report. For anyone interested in a closer examination of nutrition and diet, this is a worthwhile download.

Featured in this free report are:

  • descriptions of the toxins in diet and their detrimental health effects (such as weight gain);
  • information detailing breakthroughs in anti-aging technology;
  • the positive effects of detox on one’s body, including identifying the supplements that are effective in the detox process; and
  • cause and triggers of obesity and diabetes.

Read dozens of testimonials plus receive a free report.