The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval

The Green Foods Bible by David Sandoval is an informative book for anyone who’s wondering what green foods can do for their health.

Published by Freedom Press, this book provides a baseline on foods and health.

Included is a brief history of foods and how it’s changed over the years, a look at the state of our current Western eating habits and how the condition of many Westerner’s health reflects what we’re eating. The book even raises the question on whether our baseline diets could lead us toward distinction and explains why there may be some truth to this hypothesis.

Sandoval’s Impressive Green Foods Resume

Backcover ExcerptDavid Sandoval is an experienced green food professional.

He’s spent almost two decades studying numerous aspects of green foods for optimal health.

Sandoval has the notable distinction of studying with Ann Wigmore, considered the original pioneer in promoting green food nutrition. Not only has he studied with leaders in the field he’s utilized his own clinics (The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment) to see firsthand how changing the diet and adding green foods and juices can drastically alter disease and daily health. He also speaks worldwide on the subject.

In The Green Foods Bible, Sandoval tells of numerous real life cases of everyday, ordinary people whose lives changed from green foods.

Simple cases from energy improvement and allergy relief to recovery from terminal cancers clearly illustrate and inspire the reader.

The Green Foods Bible makes a strong case through stories, scientific research, and case studies to add green foods (particularly juices) to your diet.

Guide for Understanding Basic Green Food Terms

You may have heard various terms such as wheat grass juice, cereal juices, Kamut grass, sprouts, and more but not known exactly (or even a little about) what they mean.

The Green Foods Bible clearly explains all of these terms and more.

Learn just what these green foods are, their history, and the science that backs their incomparable ability to promote health and even prevent and reverse disease.

The Green Foods Bible will teach you all about chlorophyll, chlorella, cereal grasses (including wheatgrass, Kamut grass, barely grass,) algae, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, and water plants.

There are resources at the end including a weight loss program, and plan for growing your own wheatgrass. Another book that complements this book for those interesting in learning more about cruciferous vegetables and how they can help reduce hormone related weight gain is Dr. Randolph’s book, from Belly Fat to Belly Flat.

Leaves You Wanting More

The Green Foods Bible BookcoverI found this book to be informative for a person who wants to learn more about green foods, is considering making them a mainstay of their diet, or is suffering from chronic or degenerative disease.

The Green Foods Bible is a great place to start. I wish more was included on how to get started with integrating green foods into my diet. I wanted to know what foods are ideal to begin adding first, (wheatgrass or Kamut juice?) how to increase intake, and the like.

I felt the book contained great facts and information teaching me more about vital green foods, but I was left not knowing how to implement it into my daily life. I look forward to David’s new book which should be releasing in 2009, 21 Days to Defeat Diabetes which may answer some of my leftover questions.

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