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Great Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Every single person that tried to quit smoking, successfully or not, will tell you that it is difficult. The good news is there are many different things that you can do if you want to kick the habit.

The bad news is that people are not properly informed and they often rely on options that are either dangerous or not at all effective. A great example is the so called cold turkey method. According to Health Annotation: “statistics show that 97% of people that use cold turkey as a way to quit smoking will fail in the first 6 months”. Similar statistics appear when referring to many other quit smoking methods that are advertised at the moment.

The good news is that many great options do exist. Some people resort to patches while others switch to vaping. If you are among the people that want to try it naturally, you can consider these options.


It is common to feel nauseous when you want to try to quit as this is among the most common of the symptoms that appear. In order to fight this nausea you can easily consider ginger. Use it as a tablet, tea or as a capsule. Ginger is going to calm the stomach and easily help you to deal with the nausea that appears. This does a lot to help you to remove the temptation of grabbing a cigarette as the dependency side kicks in.


This is much simpler than what many think and it works because it helps repair your body while offering the needed nutrients that are necessary to eliminate toxins that appeared because of smoking. A multivitamin supplement or a diet that is really high in vitamins like A, C and E are very effective. The idea is to ease withdrawal symptoms. This helps to get rid of the cravings. At the same time vitamins will reenergize you so you have more strength to fight smoking.


If your cravings are particularly strong you want to consider using ginseng. Just one powder spoon has to be added to soup, oatmeal, cereal and juice. We recommend that you drink it the first thing in the morning. That will offer benefits all throughout the day. When you still do not get rid of your cravings you can try a little bit more or you can easily increase dosage. Ginseng is sometimes present in multivitamin supplements so see if yours do have it.

Grape Juice

One of the most important parts of quitting smoking is eliminating toxins that are present inside the body since this is what helps deal with withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine is actually one of the toxins. After you get rid of it the withdrawal symptoms and cravings are going to disappear. Make sure that you increase how much water you drink to help the body eliminate toxins. Grape juice simply makes it a lot faster as it includes acids that will rejuvenate the system. The acids are basically natural detoxifiers and grape juice is easily available.

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