Psychic Wisdom from Whole Being Cards

Grains: Versatility – A Message from the Whole Being Cards

It is always fun to play with the Whole Being Cards and see how the message relates to life on any given day.

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Today’s Card is “Grains” and this is what we can learn from this card today.

Versatility – You Have Choices

Grains are a basic
staple food, all over the world. They are utilized in many different ways, as a basic ingredient in all kinds of
breads, cakes, cereals, crackers, and cookies, as well as in such diverse products as alcohol, animal feed, and syrup.

Versatility is the message of the Grains card. It will sometimes appear when you have choices before you that seem
beyond your current abilities. The illusion is that the newly opened avenues are too good to be true, or you won’t
have what it takes to make them work out. You may be so used to operating within your comfort zone, that anything
outside of that — even a wonderful, exciting opportunity — seems dangerous or overwhelming. Proceed, in spite your
fears. Trust that the Spirit of versatility has been awakened, and it is time to move into expanded ways of living.
Remember, too, that you have the capacity to use new information more than one way. Never accept that there is only
one option.

Grains also points to the importance of past experience and work. You may feel that your efforts have been in vain.
That way of thinking is another illusion. Every experience has taught you something valuable, and moved you a little
closer to that which you desire. Just as it takes thousands of individual grains to create a loaf of bread, it may
take many small steps to complete a long journey.

Be gentle with yourself, and with any apparent failures. Trust that the individual steps you’ve taken, though they
might seem tiny if looked at individually, add up to a great deal of energy toward the end result. Give your past
efforts time to create momentum. You’re almost there, so don’t despair.

The final message of Grains concerns flexibility and adaptability. Your basic gifts are assets that can be used
in many ways, to enrich your life. Try something new with what you know how to do.