Safe Drinking Bottles: Wise Water Drinkers Claim it’s a GoodLife

Free of BPA

“Discarded plastic bottles are overflowing our ecosystems,” “Manufacturing with BPA is leading to disruptions in our health,” “Consumers’ ecological footprints are astonishing”—we’ve all heard these statements.

It’s these scenarios that led an innovative company to produce a safe and eco-friendly beverage container.

GoodLife Contemporary Drinkware offers a line of stainless steel beverage containers suitable for either hot or cold beverages that will not leach toxins into our systems, nor contribute to the giant environmental footprint for which our society is responsible.

It’s a Plastic World

The facts and statistics behind our society’s dependence on plastics—in particular bottled water—are disturbing. Water Contamination is a real problem. Furthermore, the safety of bottled water has been examined in recent years.

The United States alone uses 29 billion PET—or polyethylene terephthalate—bottles per year. This 900,000 ton plastic addiction requires 17 million barrels of oil to produce. In turn, just one ton of PET bottles releases into the atmosphere three tons of carbon dioxide.

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Because of the energy used to produce bottled water, it’s estimated that the 17 million barrels of oil required is closer to 50 million. The other energy considerations include: energy to pump, energy to process, energy to transport, energy to refrigerate, and energy to recover or recycle the bottles.

Further estimates are that only 15 to 20% of water bottles are recycled, leaving billions to litter the landscapes and oceans. This plastic refuse does more than contribute to the global pollution problem. It’s known for leaching toxins into beverages, thus into our digestive systems. With such health and environmental concerns, it’s no wonder GoodLife wanted to take stand and try to change the way we consume our beverages.

Creating a Safe Beverage Container

GoodLife wanted to design a bottle that was not only safe for drinkers to use, but stylish and environmentally friendly. What they developed was a toxin-free, environmentally-friendly, recyclable beverage container made of stainless steel.

The stainless steel GoodLife uses in its bottles is 18/304—a food-grade stainless steel used in cookware and in food and beverage industries. GoodLife opted for stainless steel rather than aluminum for its beverage container line because of the safety concerns around aluminum. Aluminum has a tendency to leak chemicals when in contact with acidic liquids. Therefore, most aluminum drinking containers are lined with a plastic coating, which itself can leach chemicals into the beverage. GoodLife beverage containers have no lining and are toxin-free.

BPA-Free Water Bottles

Free of BPABisphenol A, or BPA, has been used since the 1930s in the manufacturing of both plastics and aluminum products, specifically the molding or spray-coating steps of these products. In recent years it’s been forced into the spotlight for being linked to dangerous health effects in humans—notably with causing cancers, disruptions in the endocrine system, and reproduction issues.

Consumers today are more aware of the risks of BPA and are often reminded of a product’s BPA-free status by labeling on its packaging. But there are many governments that allow so-called safe levels of BPA to be used in manufacturing. GoodLife decided to make it easy and safe: no BPA in its products.

You Can Have Your Water And Drink It Too

When innovative companies like GoodLife take a stand against the environmental damage and health risks to which our consumer society contributes, it opens the door for new possibilities. The toxin-free, eco-friendly products they offer customers ensure our water is safe to drink.

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