Learn Theory of How to Set Goals with Imagery Mapping

Setting Goals and Objectives Through Creatively Mapping Your

Holistic Health doesn’t stop with the health of the body but extends to the emotions, the mind and every aspect
of living.

A wholistic health practitioner will help their partners-in-healing to heal in all areas of their life, including
financial and creative. If a person is creatively fulfilled and financially stable, their physical and emotional
health is also better.

Holistic Health living means whole being wellness. If you are like us, you have a pile of “to do” tasks
a mile high. This can lead to constantly making lists of things that need to be accomplished. That works
to the degree that it gets the information out of the head and into the physical, as written words on a page.
These lists change all the time too, because as we live more and experience more, our priorities shift. Isn’t
is the same for most people?

At various times in my life, finding outside resources to help with goal setting theory can be very helpful.
Some work well, and others leave something to be desired. However, even the ones that aren’t as effective
can help a person to identify a preferred path and set an intention.

Someone once asked Thomas Edison if he didn’t get discouraged by having so many failures. He tried about 10,000
different experiments before finally inventing the electric light. His response has stuck with us since we
first heard his comment. Thomas Edison shared that he had not failed at all. He had correctly identified
10,000 ways that did not work and that put him 10,000 ways closer to the way that would work.

Recently we started goal mapping, rather than list creating. And found this organic form of mapping goals
was pretty effective. You might enjoy this approach that focuses on creating imagery maps rather than word

Book Review: Goal Mapping: How to Turn Your Dreams into Realities

Like everyone else, you too might want to make the most of your personal and professional life. But, do you
know how to set goals and actually make them possible?

You might have already achieved many of your goals, or it might be that you have just started chasing your
dreams. Either way, the only thing that matters is the realization that there is still plenty to be done
and accomplished. For succeeding in a meaningful manner, you first need to define your goals and objectives.
This is something that can easily be done by following the goal setting theory by Brian Mayne in his book “Goal
Mapping: How to Turn Your Dreams into Realities.” The task of setting goals and objectives has now become
quite easy because the book comes along with Goal Setting Forms that are sold separately. They aid you in
your goal setting initiatives.

You can choose from any of the self-help books that are now being printed almost everyday, but if you really
want to make an improvement, then you should opt for Goal Mapping: How to Turn Your Dreams into Realities.
No doubt, most of the self-help books are interesting, but their use is limited to “interesting reading.”
This book is however quite different and effective because the goal mapping theories propounded in the book
are based on sound logic and a deep understanding of the human psyche. Rather than forcing you to use the
techniques based on endless repetition, the book focuses on scientifically devised theories and methodologies
that help you to improve the processing and thinking power of both sides of your brain. This in turn not
only helps in setting goals and objectives, but also in achieving them.

So, if you are really interested in learning how to set goals and achieve them, then you may wish to add this
book to your library.