Gnosis Chocolate Approach to Cacao Adds a Lot of Love

Cacao Beans and Fruit in Burlap Bag

Gnosis Chocolate is revolutionizing the cocoa industry with raw organic ingredients and lots of love.

Despite chocolate’s reputation as a junk-food, natural cacao actually serves as a nourishing superfood to the human body.

Raw cacao contains a great deal of magnesium, a mineral severely lacking in most human diets, yet essential for a number of bodily processes.

Additionally, cacao provides valuable antioxidants and neurotransmitters to the mind and body, helping us maintain an optimal state of health.

The Gnosis Approach to Cacao

Cacao Beans and Fruit in Burlap BagGnosis Chocolates take cacao’s nutritional potential to heart, yet maintains its value as a coveted treat. Instead of blocking its naturally occurring nutrients through added dairy and artificial flavors, Gnosis lets the true power of the cacao shine within each bar. They use only organic and raw ingredients, lending their products for integration into a variety of health conscious diet niches such as raw food and veganism.

Gnosis products vary from the very simple to the complex and multifunctional. Take for example, a bar of Gnosis Simplicity. As the name suggests, the product contains minimal ingredients which allows for the raw cacao to work its tasty magic. Pure vanilla bean and agave nectar contribute a touch of sweetness. Additionally, crystal manna, a blue-green algae, increases the bar’s nutritional power.

Tasting the Gnosis Difference

Cacao Fruit and BeansWhen introduced to the Gnosis Simplicity chocolate bar, you first notice its texture. Unlike firmer conventional candy bars, the consistency of this chocolate feels more savory, and almost fudge-like in composition. Biting in, the sweetness of the vanilla bean gently melts into a sea of creamy cacao. This sensation brings you into the present, and forces you to savor the moment completely. So enamored with the Gnosis expression of Simplicity, I shared a bite with a friend who exclaimed, “This is the best chocolate ever,” echoing my exact sentiments.

The Gnosis SuperChoc packs a greater nutritional punch, adding herbs like gotu kola, ginseng, and passionflower to the mix. It reminds me of a deeply nourishing herbal tea, steeped and solidified into rich cacao morsels. Alternatively, the Gnosis Pomegranate variety offers a bushel of flavorful antioxidants that burst in your mouth, tricking you into thinking you may actually have fruit juice running down your chin.

The Loving Force Behind Gnosis

Gnosis Chocolate's Simplicity Cacao BarEach package of Gnosis Chocolate lists love as an added ingredient, which becomes evident in the taste. The heart and soul of these treats come from Vanessa Barg and her team of chocolatiers. Barg not only develops and produces each Gnosis chocolate bar, but she is also a certified Holistic Health Counselor. Her knowledge of nutrition and passion for health take physical form in each of the Gnosis cacao bars.

Whether you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, or add nutritional supplementation to your diet, consider Gnosis Chocolates. Barg’s organic, raw cacao creations will change the way you view chocolate, and open your world to a variety of delicious and healthy possibilities.?