Herpes and AIDS: The Spiritual Significance of Sexual Diseases

I remember a time when I had never heard of herpes or HIV/AIDS. Most people over the age of 30 can remember such a time. Those days are over. As a spiritual being who sees that we manifest what we need to heal, in our bodies and in our world, I’ve looked at the emergence of these two diseases in particular, for higher meaning. They would not be so prevalent in our world if there were not something very out of balance with a lot of us, when it comes to expressing sexually.

However, even though both are “Sexual Diseases,” I feel the deeper lessons from them have more to do with expressing fully with all our life force energy unblocked and creatively free, than actual sexual relationships. It is as if sex is the backdrop from which many of us act out our stuckness in creative living. Please note that what I’m about to share is only one perspective, and only one of the messages we may be receiving from these diseases.The information given here is not meant to reduce something complex to a simplistic answer but only to provide a place to start exploring the spiritual implications of AIDS and Herpes.AIDS is one of the most obvious physical symptoms of male/female imbalance that I’ve ever seen. This is not a judgment on homosexual lifestyle, but a clarification of the “Medicine” involved. Mass consciousness has so consistently denied the importance of honoring the feminine qualities of intuition, nurturing, peacemaking and unconditional love, that a breakdown of the body system was inevitable.

The feminist movement did not bridge the gap between males and females, but widened it further, as women chose a militant, basically male approach to freedom. Women fought for equal rights and conquered an unfair system, at least on paper, but it is still an uneasy peace. Where is The Mother in all this warring? Did we agree to become men? Feminism certainly did little to heal the inner chasm between individual men and women (the man within each woman, the woman within each man) but focused on position and power. That’s not to say it wasn’t necessary , it just wasn’t the end of the process.

The most damaging aspect that has led to the epidemic called AIDS has been the brutally consistent suppression of the female energies within little boys, little boys who were taught to be tough and to fight, who were not encouraged to (allowed to) freely cry, who are absolutely forbidden to play with dolls. Many of these little boys have grown up to be men who are totally disconnected from their intuition, spontaneous creativity, and unconditionally loving natures. Their children are paying the price.

The reason the AIDS virus was first recognized as widespread within homosexual communities, although it was never a “Homosexual Disease,” is because these are the men and women who have most actively rebelled against having their feminine aspects annihilated and thus lived with the most challenge in those areas of their lives. Choosing same sex, intimate relationships is part of the human journey toward male/female balance and integration. For many men, it is the only way left to honor the female within them.

For many women, it is the only way left to integrate their own maleness without sacrificing their femaleness in a Male-Dominant relationship. Homosexuality, when chosen as a way of life and not as an occasional lifestyle alternative, reflects a true desire to balance the yin/yang elements within oneself and, in a larger sense, within society. I respect that particular journey, and wonder how long the intolerable repression of femininity would have continued without voice, had it not been for those who chose to do something physically direct about it.

When we truly heal the female within every man and the male within every woman, we may find ourselves making different sexual choices. I see a resurgence in heterosexual relationships (among those in same-sex relationships now), as well as an increase in completely Non-Sexual marriages. As we accelerate, and heal our first chakra issues, we will require less and less physical stimulation. Spiritual partnerships will be more important than relationships based on physical sexuality.

Herpes is another Acceleration-Related physical manifestation. Since the sexual center sits in the fire of the first chakra, and the major symptom of herpes is the eruption of little blisters, it almost seems like a cosmic joke to me that so many are experiencing this condition. The first chakra is often dismissed or seen as “Less Than”, in relation to the other energy centers.

This is a serious misconception. Our life force and connection to things physical emanates from the first chakra (after all, none of us were delivered through the heart, throat, third eye, or crown, were we?), so why are we so hesitant to fully experience our own fire? The first chakra, in all it’s maleness, manages to work in exquisite harmony with the Mother energies to bring forth new life. I think it is a truly remarkable thing, this masculine centre through which passes the most Sacred, feminine energy,the waters of the womb and the blood of the Moon. Our evolution as a physical species may be no more complicated (or no less) than that process fire and water, Co-Creating in harmony.

Herpes (affecting a man or a woman) is directly related to sexual abuse and or dishonoring of the female vessel, a sign of the physical body rebelling against violation. Although both AIDS and herpes have been around for a long time, it is of definite spiritual significance that both diseases came into media prominence around 1988. There was a major energy shift, opening new awareness, during this time frame. The critical mass we’ve reached in 1996 started in 1987-88, with an event called The Harmonic Convergence.

In my personal experience as a healer, I see that most younger people diagnosed with herpes (45 and younger) tend to manifest symptoms in the genital area, while older people (45 and up) tend to experience it more in the upper centers, as shingles or fever blisters on the mouth. The emergence of herpes in the upper centers (whether in a man or a woman), points to an earlier event where the “Female” aspects of that person were dishonored, a Long-Term pattern of failing to express feminine energies (free expression of emotions, creativity, intuitive thinking instead of cold logic, etc.), or suppressed sexual abuse.

If diagnosed with either herpes or shingles, decide not to accept the diagnosis of the disease as something that can never be cured. Then, spend some time daily connecting to the energies of The Divine Mother. This connection can be made through requesting the feminine energies to come in during meditations and dream time encounters, and through conscious connection with Nature. Spend time with plants, water, trees, stones, soil, etc. Finally, open up your mind’s creative storehouse and find something to “Create.”

Suppressed creativity is definitely a factor in the development of herpes, as well as the severity of symptoms. Decide now to involve yourself in something enjoyably creative-dancing, acting, singing, painting, writing, sculpting, designing, etc. Creativity is essentially an intuitive, feminine process and closing that part of you down is a dishonour of the feminine. Open your imagination, activate childhood fantasies, and take up hobbies reflecting earlier creative tendencies.

Portions of this article excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook.

These tips are not intended to replace any needed medical attention but may be helpful in dealing with the pain and discomfort of herpes outbreaks as well as helping strengthen your body’s resistance to the virus naturally.

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