Container Gardening, Roses and Ideas for Your Patio Garden

Gardening-Idea for Indoors or the

Having your own little patch of green adds to the quality of your home.

Apartment dwellers sadly have to forfeit this, if they are not willing to stretch a wee bit extra and find a way
to create a garden patch of their own.

However, if you do live in an apartment, don’t lose heart, container gardening is the best suitable option
for you. Now it is possible to grow all the lovely plants you always wanted to.

A container garden full of roses will look great in your patio. You can take care of your plants by using a variety
of useful gardening accessories. Plants always make the place joyful and attractive.

Indoor Gardening Tips


  • Place the plants in the sunlight, periodically, during summer.
  • Plants are known to naturally grow in the direction of the sunlight, so keep rotating the pot, to promote upright
  • The plants will have short leaves, thin stems and will be lighter in color if they do not get enough light. That
    is the indication to move it to a place abundant with sunlight.


  • The amount of water required for a plant to survive, varies between species.
  • The soil must be wet thoroughly and excess water should be allowed to drain from the base of the pot.
  • Over-watering damages the roots and ultimately the whole plant.
  • Always water the plant with water of the same temperature as the room.


Most indoor plants grow well in a temperature ranging from 65-75 Fahrenheit during the day and 10-15 degrees cooler
at night.


Spraying the leaves with water, especially in the morning, helps them grow well.


Indoor plants do not require fertilizer to be mixed in the soil frequently. Fertilizer can be added to the soil
once in every 2-3 months.

Container Gardening

You can grow any plant variety in a container, annuals and perennials to vegetables, herbs and shrubs. Make sure
that there is enough water in the pot and the soil retains enough moisture to keep the roots evenly moist.

‘Soil less’ potting-mix works best in containers. These mixes are lightweight and free from soil-borne
diseases that plants easily succumb to. When adding the soil to the pot, leave a 2-inch space between the soil and
the top of the container. Cover the soil with mulch.

It is always preferable to use a dilute liquid fertilizer while watering the plant. Your container garden must receive
at least 5 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Herb Gardens

Follow the instructions written on the packages strictly because different herbs have different needs. Keep the
soil moist until the seeds germinate. Place the pot on a sunny window-ledge. Once the herbs are visibly grown and
mature, you can snip them. Snipping actually increases the growth.

When taking advantage of the benefits of container gardening, roses, herbs, and flower plants are very attractive.
One could even opt for miniature rose gardens, which tend to look decorative in homes.