From Passing Trend to Therapeutic Relief: Reasons to Give Modern Massage Chairs Another Look

Rubbing Oil on Feet

With the average price of a massage chair today being around $2,500, it’s clear to see why massage chairs are often considered a luxury item. Due to this, many people dismiss massage chairs and consider them to be unnecessary; something only those with large amounts of money can afford to buy, purely for material reasons.


However, massage chairs are more than just an expensive trend. In fact, they can provide health benefits that are hugely therapeutic and relaxing for the user. It’s widely known that regular massages can offer many benefits to the individual, but most of us don’t associate these benefits with massage chairs too.


So if you’re thinking of buying a massage chair, or simply want to know a little more about what they can offer, below you’ll discover the benefits they have and how to use them to their full potential.


Benefits of massage chairs


It’s no secret that there are plenty of massage variations out there, and it would be virtually impossible for a single massage chair to replicate each one. However, the majority of modern massage chairs are based on two popular types of massage: Swedish and Shiatsu.


Swedish massage primarily focuses on kneading and long, glide-like strokes, the benefits being better circulation around your entire body. Shiatsu massage takes a slightly different approach and incorporates a variety of movements including patting, pressing and rolling motions. These all work in conjunction with one another to release unwanted tension and strain in whichever part of the body you’re targeting.


Today’s massage chairs will often include a handheld remote allowing you to tailor the chair’s position and motion to suit your exact specifications. For example, if you felt tension just in your shoulders and didn’t want any movement to be focused anywhere else on your back, you’d be able to customize your chair to do this. That’s one of the main benefits of massage chairs: tailored motions to be placed exactly where you need them – at the simple click of a button!


Of course, it’s unlikely the motions of a massage chair will be able to precisely replicate the motion of human hands, but their advancements in recent years mean that the benefits can be almost identical with consistent use on problem areas.


But before you go ahead and spend your hard-earned money on a massage chair, establishing the best massage chair for your personal needs comes from reading consumer reviews. This step shouldn’t be ignored as it could mean the difference between making a good or a bad purchase.


How to use a massage chair


Decent massage chairs clearly aren’t cheap. So, once you’ve taken the plunge and purchased one, it’s essential you learn how to use it both safely and effectively.


Before you even consider using your chair, it’s vital that you lift up the back to check all components are in good condition; the last thing you want is to be sitting in your chair and for something to go wrong. If something appears to be missing or broken, contact the seller immediately and don’t use it until everything is sorted.


Whilst connecting your chair ready to be used, you must meticulously follow all instructions included in the accompanying manual. These chairs are electric after all, and you don’t want to run the risk of receiving a shock simply because you didn’t follow the manual correctly. Whilst assembly is taking place, ensure that the power switch/button is in its ‘off’ position, and keep its corresponding wire as far away from heat (radiators, fire etc.) as you can.


Whilst massage chairs have been proven to give significant benefits to the user, medical conditions must still be taken into account to be on the safe side. If you’re pregnant or are suffering from conditions such as cancer, heart disease or a neurological disorder, it’s essential that you check with a medical professional that a massage chair is safe for you to use. It’s highly unlikely you won’t be able to use it altogether, but double-checking with an expert is the best thing to do as, dependent on the condition, using a massage chair regularly may cause unwanted side effects.


Massage chairs are a great investment to make if you frequently experience bodily tension, or if you simply just want to treat yourself! As long as you’re safe and sensible when using it, a massage chair will provide benefits akin to those from a professional massage – all in the comfort of your own home!