It’s All Frequency: The Nature of Sound Healing

The Harmony in Gospel Music

Sound healing is a therapeutic approach to improving or maintaining one’s emotional and spiritual well-being. With the dramatic reduction of stress that follows, many people also experience a decrease in various physical symptoms after a sound healing experience.

Sound therapy allows the body’s energies to have a greater flow. It’s an effective complementary healing modality used in conjunction with Reiki, psychotherapy, yoga, and other therapeutic procedures.

The following is an essay of spiritual awakening written by a sound healer.

Healing Sounds within Gospel Hymns

The Harmony in Gospel MusicOn the path of my spiritual awakening, I naturally utilized sound. I remember many Sundays sitting in church, feeling the vibration of my own vocal cords blending with that of the congregation. I didn’t have conscious awareness, then, that certain tones created certain physical effect.

I didn’t know that we were, as a group, working “medicine” for healing. I only knew that it lifted me up and brought me great joy. Such great joy, compared to the rest of the service, that I felt for years as if I were being egotistical and missing the point. I would leave church, not caring what the preacher had said but totally transported by the sound.

Now, I have a perspective of the reason those old gospel hymns have been around so long and the reason they are such a comfort. Perhaps it has to do with the tones they produce and the frequency they contain particularly when all the harmony parts are represented by a group voice.

First Noticing Sound as a Healing Force

When I began my work as a healer, I naturally found sound being employed as a healing force. I noticed it gently vibrating through congested areas to a point of release, flushing the auric fields, and allowing the validation of traumatic experiences to move through the sounds of emotional release.

It was as spontaneous a choice as breathing. There were tones. There was speaking in tongues. There was primal screaming. There was what I call Cosmic Language. All helped facilitate different aspects of healing within myself and, as a healer, for those with whom I worked.

The reason sound works so phenomenally as a healing tool is because the ego, personality, or self can not resist it. Nor does the mind have defense against it. The sounds that heal are penetrating, and they do the work without analysis and without intellectual understanding.

A Form of Channeling

Waves of Energy Moving Through Space and TimeSpeaking of “speaking in tongues,” there are at least three ways this happens with me.

One is I will speak in what feels to me a real language, that is a language known on earth and capable of interpretation by anyone from that part of the world.

The second way is I will speak in what is known to me to be language from other realms, like the angelic realm or the extraterrestrial realm.

The third way this gift of speech is employed is what I call Cosmic Language, which refers to a conglomeration of different languages. This is a very strong acceleration for the healing session when it  occurs. I feel this is because it involves integration of past lives for the person who is receiving the healing. This language feels so efficient like waves of information that are translated by our spirits.

Healing Past Lives Through Sound

It seems quite possible that an individual may have been of Asian descent in one life, Native American in the next, or African in the another. Sometimes there’s a thread of imbalance which continues through more than one lifetime and this kind of Cosmic Language addresses whichever lives are threaded together in the patterns that need release or healing.

Many times, when I speak in tongues during a healing session, the other person will answer me. We have a conversation. It is a healing conversation where things that needed to be said at some past point, are communicated.

Tones are also very significant in the work Spirit does through me. Some vibrational tones break apart congestion and may feel annoying or even slightly painful. Others clear the congestion that has been broken loose, and generally feel uplifting. Still others open, expand, or balance specific chakras and/or transmit data to the person from other realms.

Sound Healing Therapies

Blue Background with Sound WavesPrimal screaming, crying, wailing, etc. have also been vital to the process which Spirit uses in the sessions I faciliate. I have been told by another healer that, were I able to balance myself better, this kind of empathic release would not be necessary. They say I’d be able to transmute the trauma without the physical manifestation. I have prayed about this and what I know is that we are living in physical form.

To respect our own physicality, we sometimes need to heal through intensity. For many, the physical expression of emotional release allows the body to let go. I believe intense sound therapies are vital at certain stages in a person’s healing process and certain people work well with this intensity, particularly those who have been abused as children.

This is a deep sense that I have. Others may certainly feel different about therapies such as primal screaming, and I celebrate that we can all feel as we wish and make our decisions based on our own unique awareness.

I was also shown that, as early as 1997, there would be those who began to channel pure sound for healing. Humanity is entering new times and I feel sound healing will evolve and continue to be a tremendous gift.

If you are one of those who feel so-called I want to thank you for your devotion to the nature of sound healing and its vast potential.

—Neva J Howell

Power of The Naked Voice

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