Osteoporosis Exercises to Help Symptoms and Build Bone Density

How Exercise Helps Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis exercises make a huge difference in maintaining bone density and preventing onset of osteoporosis.

Any weight-bearing exercise is considered a way to maintain and even improve the condition of bone structure
that provides support for your body.

Running, jogging, aerobics performed in a standing position, even walking are all exercises that will prevent
future skeleton fragility and statue problems.

Symptoms of osteoporosis usually appear after menopause and can include shortening of stature (loss of height),
stooped shoulders, dowager’s hump, and as bones become brittle and less dense, fractures can result from
minor falls or even from movement that would never result in a broken bone in a healthy skeleton.

It is not
unusual for a woman that fails to prevent bone loss to lose inches in height within the first few years of
menopause. Millions of painful and debilitating hip fractures experienced by the elderly are caused each
year by osteoporosis and the associated bone density loss.

Prevention of osteoporosis and exercise to ensure bone health should begin early in life. A woman’s bones
are most dense at age 30 and from there to the end of her life, maintenance becomes crucial. Therefore, it
is important to have dense bones, but if you have failed to practice osteoporosis-preventing exercises early
in life, it is never too late to begin and slow the progress. In some cases, when dietary supplements or
prescription medications are added to an exercise regimen, actually reversal of bone loss can be seen in
older women.

Protect yourself by performing osteoporosis exercises regularly – at least three to five times per week.
Remaining active and doing weight-bearing exercise is the best protection anyone has against development
of fragile bones. Your doctor can perform a bone density test and track any bone loss developing as you age,
recommending techniques to include in your osteo-exercise activities.

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