Foot and Musculoskeletal Problems Solved Naturally with Correct Toes

Feet and Their Natural Shape

Foot problems are common: approximately 20% of people have some sort of issue. The biggest culprit of these conditions is improper and rigid footwear that distorts the foot’s natural structure.

These problems are often treated or symptoms eased using medication, surgery, or some sort of orthopedic insert.

Podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan devised innovative toe spacers called Correct Toes with the intention of eliminating the need for pain and anti-inflammatory medications as well as surgeries to correct common foot and musculoskeletal problems. Users’ feet are realigned to their natural structure, giving way for increased movement, strength, and comfort.

Natural Foot Health

Podiatrist Ray McClanahanCorrect Toes was designed by foot anatomy expert and podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan. His motivation was to develop a non-surgical, natural approach to foot health. The Correct Toes toe spreader is a unique insert that can help solve and prevent many common problems: bunions, corns, heel pain, ingrown nails, plantar fasciosis, neuromas, capsulitis, lower leg pain, and even runner’s knee.

Correct Toes position the foot in the optimal way that was intended by nature. By allowing the foot to function naturally, foot and joint problems are treated and avoided, and people are able to walk, run, jump, dance, and stand well into old age.

Realigning the foot results in a rejuvenated nervous system, greater range of movement of the feet and toes, stronger tissue, and an increase in comfort from the feet up.

Toe Spacers Correct Common Foot Problems

Correct Toes is a set of comfortable and flexible spacers that spreads and extends the toes to their natural positions. The intention of these spacers is to help the feet return to their natural state, thereby reducing and preventing foot and musculoskeletal problems.

Shoe wear leads to common musculoskeletal problems, often which are attributed to aging. Barefoot societies do not have the same common problems, including arthritis, as our society does. Shoes, even athletic shoes, pinch the toes together. This disrupts the natural gait, tightens muscles of the foot and lower leg, and misaligns toes. Barefoot could possibly be the best: when the heel and the forefoot are in level with each other, the toes are flexible and can spread and extend to accommodate balance.

Benefits of Correct Toes

Feet and Their Natural ShapeCorrect Toes are more than just toe spacers: they put each toe into the correct position. In other words, Correct Toes mimics the structure of a natural bare foot. By helping with balance, Correct Toes is a therapeutic approach for people who may have difficulty balancing, such as the elderly or Parkinson’s patients.

Clinically tested and proven effective, Correct Toes can be worn with bare feet or with shoes. This makes it easy to participate in your activities of choice: from standing to running, or even yoga to martial arts. Dr. McClanahan also advises users to reassess their choice of footwear.

Correct Toes is comfortable for users and is made to last: constructed out of medical-grade silicone, these effective spacers are a durable product.

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