You Are What You Eat – FoodMatters: A Film by James Colquhoun and Laurnetine Ten Bosch

FoodMatters DVD is an 80 minute film that takes you on a journey into nutrition as medicine.

“FoodMatters You are what you eat” teaches the consumer little known facts about nutrition and the medical community’s approach to disease.

FoodMatters is informative and inspiring.

This film provides insight into the unspoken question of why the West spends billions of dollars on research into disease and “cures,” but continues to watch chronic disease increase at alarming rates.

Interviews From Experts on Health and Nutrition

In this well-done documentary, experts weigh in on the current state of the world’s health, in particular the West. With chronic disease on the rise, surgery and other Western medical treatments “for whatever ails you” are just not working.

There has to be a better answer.

pic-james-colquhoun-laurnetine-ten-boschJames Colquhoun and Laurnetine Ten Bosch do an excellent job compiling insight from experts in the field of health.

In candid commentary and interviews from experts on health and nutrition “Andrew Saul, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Dan Rogers, David Wolfe, Professor Ian Brighthope, Jerome Burne, Phillip Day and Dr. Victor Zeines” you’ll awaken to a wealth of information on the benefits of nutrition that can change your life.

These experts make a strong case for nutrition to not only prevent chronic diseases and improve quality of life, but to halt and reverse disease!

Before and After Photos: Healing From Disease

Two remarkable case studies are illustrated with before/after photos of patients. You have to see for yourself. This film makes you wonder if nutrition can heal people on death’s door, and what it can do for you.

Charlotte Gerson, daughter of the renowned Dr. Max Gerson, founder of The Gerson Institute (a non profit organization that uses organic foods, juicing, and other non toxic treatments to activate the body’s own ability to heal), describes how good nutrition can change lives, including healing from “incurable” disease.

Obesity in AmericaYou’ll get the basics on how the typical Western diet and health care system are essentially destroying our body’s own innate healing abilities and health. We’ve become toxic and sick and we attempt to heal by using even more toxins and pharmaceuticals.

Experts provide a glimpse at superfoods and how eating processed, refined foods continually activates our immune systems with “false alarms” that ultimately damage our health.

Learn the reasons why even if you’re eating fresh foods from the grocery stores, your diet is depleted of nutrients. Discover how our agriculture system has become nutritionally depleted, even toxic.

The Pharmaceutical Cover Up

Pharma Industry Big BusinessThis DVD uncovers the facts behind the facade. Medical doctors, government, and big business are all influenced by pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies, the “sickness industry,” fund the majority of research on disease and drugs. These companies (and their lobbyists) provide government with most of their information on disease and cures.

This is a money making enterprise and there’s just no money in good health. Drug companies make over 1/2 trillion dollars a year, they really don’t want us to use foods to heal. It seems they want to keep us sick and dependent on their medicines.

James Colquhoun and Laurnetine Ten Bosch did an excellent service in FoodMatters to inform the consumer searching for alternative means to heal and live healthily. Viewing this DVD is the first step in making changes that will impact your health.

Safety of Nutrition and How Supplements Prevent Disease

FoodMatters DVD CoverFoodMatters movie illustrates how nutrition is a safe, simple, cheap, and an effective way to prevent disease, improve the quality of your life, and even cure disease. This journey reveals why a back to basics approach to eating and life can keep you healthy and disease free late into life.

Hope and inspiration are built in to this film. Words from experts and case studies on nutrition make the viewer want to know more.

This movie is fast paced, with comical flashbacks to 1950’s clips of films on doctor’s and drugs. Interview clips inform without being wordy.

FoodMatters informs you about the health care system and empowers you!


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