Part Four: Food as Medicine: Vitamin D, Minerals & Healthy Eating Strategies

Dr. Wahls, Food as Medicine

Internal medicine physician Dr. Terry Wahls treats many of her patients at her primary care and traumatic brain injury clinics using an intensive nutrition program.

This program was developed by Wahls based on her research into multiple sclerosis and different treatment options. As a recovered MS patient, Wahls successfully transformed herself into a healthy woman who strives to educate others on the essential link between food and wellness.

Her lecture series, Food as Medicine, is an informative DVD collection that inspires many people to take a closer look at how they approach their health and wellness through what is on their plates.

This four part DVD series concludes by taking a look at the role of vitamin D and organic minerals in our diet, and provides healthy eating direction to ensure the body can receive and absorb the nutritional components of the foods we eat.

Functional Medicine & Nutritional Deficiency

Dr. Wahls, Food as Medicine Dr. Terry Wahls is an practitioner of functional medicine, a discipline that personalizes one’s medical treatment by examining prevention and underlying causes of specific conditions and diseases. For example, many imbalances in the body are due to poor eating habits and nutritional deficiencies of minerals, vitamins, and essential fats.

This is the main focus of Wahls’ research and lecture series, as captured in the revolutionary four part DVD series Food as Medicine. Wahls has an amazing medical experience that offers hope to so many people suffering from debilitating diseases. As a person recovered from progressive multiple sclerosis, Wahls had been confined to a wheel chair for many years. Her medical pedigree in internal medicine provoked her to explore the different theories on this disease and evaluate several different treatment options.

Food We Eat Can Heal Disease

Wahls eventually came to the theorization on the vital role nutrition plays on the state of one’s health, and used herself as a therapy patient on her intense treatment program. This program also incorporated physical therapy and muscle and nerve therapy.

In the matter of six months, Wahls was able to ride a bicycle, something she hadn’t done in years due to her multiple sclerosis condition. Now recovered into a healthy state, Wahls delivers lectures on this topic to both her colleagues and the public.

Food as Medicine, Part Four

Food As Medicine DVD SeriesIn Wahls’ four DVD installment to her Food as Medicine series, she leads discussions centered on Vitamin D and Minerals, specifically how deficiencies in these are attributed to a lack of natural sunshine and proper vitamin and mineral intake via diet. Wahls pointedly expresses how the typical American diet is saturated in white flour and white sugar—neither of which offer any substantial nutritional gains—and how many people experience side effects of high fructose corn syrup. As a solution to this all too common diet pattern, Wahls talks about how eating a healthy diet will boost our vitamin, mineral, and essential fat intake.

Included in this informational DVD is Wahls’ discussion on positive Nutritional Interventions. She aims to teach viewers about nutritional assessments using nutrition history and skin and nail examinations.

Included in this lecture are the top ten causes of death associated with the poor segments of society, such as conditions arising from essential fat deficiencies. Finally, the DVD covers the important topic of how to afford a healthy fruit and vegetable rich diet.

Proceeds from the sale of Food as Medicine, Part Four go towards funding research directed at the effects of nutrition on autoimmune disorders research.

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