Administering Flower Essences for Dogs and Bach Remedies for Other Pets

Giving Flower Essences and Bach Remedies to Your Pets

Over the years, the use of Bach remedies for pets has gained in popularity because the results are considered
to be remarkably effective.

Since animals can sense and perceive the different subtle energies, flower essences for pets are attuned to
their natural surroundings. Once you opt for a particular Bach remedy, administering this remedy can be made
simple by following these basic steps:

How To Administer Flower Essences

While making a potion you can use the following combinations:

Use about 2 drops of each preferred flower essence to 1 oz of water. For a rescue remedy, you can use 4 drops
of each essence to 1 oz of water. Add about twenty percent of alcohol like brandy or vodka brandy. These
are used as preservatives, but you will find most animals are not very fond of the taste. You can also use
essences right from the stock bottle. In addition, you can use 6 different essences in each mixture counting
Rescue Remedy as one whole essence. However, the fewer essences you use the better.

The remedy should be orally fed, as this is the most effective way of administering the essence. Only 4-8
drops are required and it is not necessary for the animal to swallow the mixture, but contact with gums,
lips, or tongue is important. If by coming in contact with the animal, the dropper gets contaminated
then sterilize the dropper by dipping it in boiling water. You can also add a few drops of the mixture to
your pet’s food or in the water bowl. Add some of the mixture in a spray bottle that is filled with spring
water and spray this combination all over your room or car and even around plants, as these are the problem

You can also pat a few drops onto your pet’s head, especially around the ears because the head is more sensitive
to different energies. In case your pet has a wound, apply this flower essence directly on the wound only
if it isn’t raw, otherwise the mixture will cause a stinging sensation. In this way, your pet will consume
the essence when it licks that area.

Bach remedies for pets can be used directly from the personal dilution bottle by adding 2-4 drops to your
pet’s food or drinking water. These remedies can be used easily and conveniently, as the methods of application
vary depending on each animal’s specific needs.

The common method of administering flower essences for pets is by adding them to the animal’s water or food,
dropping them into the mouth or rubbing the remedy all over the animal.

Essentially, there is no wrong or improper way of administering these remedies. Since it is not necessary
to count the drops, administering these remedies is convenient. Follow your own instincts and judgment and
you can never go wrong. As these remedies do not have any toxic properties, there is no danger of an overdose

When to Administer and How much to Administer?

Approximately 4-8 drops are more than sufficient. For critical conditions, these remedies should be given
as frequently as possible, every few minutes if possible. For behavioral irregularities, administer this
remedy at least 3-4 times a day for a whole fortnight. If your pet benefits from these remedies, then you
can gradually decrease the dose. It is advisable to add a dropper full of the mixture to your pet’s water
on a long-term basis.

Suitable for all Animals

Since flower essence remedies have no adverse side effects, are non-toxic it is safe to give them to any animal.
If you have different household pets and they all drink from the same water bowl, do not worry, as these
remedies are perfectly safe. For instance, if your pet dog is in need of a suitable remedy, flower essences
for dogs will work towards benefiting your other pet who may drink from the same bowl.

How to Choose Remedies for Animals

Just as you classify a person’s characteristics, similarly, assess the animal’s characteristics. Flower essence
remedies can be introduced into the animal’s food or drinking water. For birds, add about 2 drops. For smaller
animals the same, add 2 to 4 drops of flower essences for dogs. For larger animals like horses, add 10 drops
to their water trough.