Five Fun Facts About CBD

While the use of CBD is not new, there have been significant advances in studies made about its positive effects. It is suddenly a subject on everybody’s lips, and people talk about its health benefits, calming effects, and much more.

The internet is full of basic information such as where CBD comes from, what it can be used for, and who can (and should) use it, but we have listed five fun facts and CBD info you might not know. Are you ready?

Historically Fast-Growing Industry

The CBD demand has sky-rocketed in recent years, and high demand has led to an increase in production and spread. You can now purchase CBD products all over the world with only a few clicks, and it is available worldwide online and in physical stores.

Such a massive boom has made the CBD industry one of the fastest-growing industries in history, with a growth rate calculated to be approximately 107%. The industry has already surpassed the impressive 1-billion mark, but that’s not all, and it is expected to reach 10-20 billion within only a few years.

Its impressive growth is most likely a direct result of positive exposure and people becoming more educated on the benefits of CBD, as it is now something you find used within all age groups and social settings.

May Work to Manage Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a terrible disease that causes great discomfort for the affected individual, and cancer treatments are also unpleasant and difficult. There are regular medications to help make the pain and discomfort more bearable, but there are often side effects. Did you know that CBD offers a natural option for cancer symptom management?

Studies are currently being made and there are some indicators that CBD and other cannabinoids might even aid in the treatment of cancer, but this is yet to be proven. What researchers are investigating is whether CBD might actually slow down the growth of tumors.

Promotes Medical Research

Ever since hemp oil and CBD became legalized in parts of the United States and other countries, the research related to its usage has peaked. The interest is bigger than ever before, and new research is being conducted to better understand the positive effects CBD appears to have on a variety of medical conditions.

Examples are cancer, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart disease, and skin problems, but also conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s.

Seizure Management with CBD

Those suffering from seizures, such as persons with different types of epilepsy, have seen significant improvement when using CBD, especially when using it long-term or regularly.

This has piqued the interest of the medical industry and even the FDA, and there is now a medical drug on the market that contains CBD and that was designed to help those suffering from epilepsy and seizures. The name of the medication is Epidiolex.

Pet ; Child Friendly

CBD is not only for adults or even for humans, and it can also be used for dogs and other pets! You can now find calming treats for dogs that contain CBD, and their purpose is to help a stressed or anxious dog calm down using mostly natural methods.

It also appears that CBD is safe for children in the case of pain or discomfort, but there are also studies that indicate that CBD could have a positive effect on children with ADHD.


There is so much to learn about hemp oil and CBD that we could go on all day, but these were at least five of the fun facts worth learning about this cannabinoid. With so many benefits, it comes as no surprise that the industry has boomed in recent years.