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Experience the Power of Jackie Chan’s Cableflex

  1. Portable: Goes wherever you go.
  2. Lightweight: Can be lifted with one hand.
  3. Versatile: Hundreds of exercises for upper body, lower body, and abs.
  4. Flexible: Provides workout for different fitness levels.

The Cableflex is endorsed and used by international superstar Jackie Chan, this revolutionary, lightweight
cable resistance system was created by fitness consultant J.B. Berns, a teacher in the martial arts and yoga
fields for over fifteen years.

Owning the Cableflex is like having your own personal trainer. Whether at home, or on the road, it lets you
tailor your workouts to your own schedule, goals, and fitness level. Because it allows you to work all of
your muscles with a single device, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy equipment or expensive
gyms or health clubs.

Body Sculpting System

Featured: The
FIRM Body Sculpting System(3-video

Cardio Sculpt Video – A unique combination of cardiovascular and body-shaping exercises
to help you burn fat and FIRM your body. Master Instructor Allie Del Rio will lead you through this total-body
workout combining fat burning and muscle shaping.

Body Sculpt Video – A body-sculpting workout that sculpts the upper and lower body.
Master Instructor Jennifer Carman will lead you through the exercises sequenced to increase strength and
sculpt beautiful and shapely muscles.

Ab Sculpt Video – A fun mix of exercises to strengthen, tone and stretch the core
muscles of the abdominals and back. Master Instructor Lisa Kay will lead you through proper breathing techniques
to ensure you get the most out of this exercise routine.

Pilates Fitness

Winsor-Pilates Fitness Program

If you’re looking for a long, lean, sculpted look, and a stronger body,The Winsor Pilates program delivers.
You can begin at just about any fitness level. And the Winsor Pilates system advances with you as you get
stronger. Just look at some of the benefits Winsor Pilates can offer.

Ab Workout

Second Abs –
With 6 Second Abs, you’ll never have to do crunches on the floor again; Maintain the proper form for
a more effective crunch while in a comfortable, seated position We put 6 Seconds Abs to the test and
conducted a scientific study that proves 6 Second Abs is more effective than regular crunches. With 6
Second Abs, you’ll turn beer belly flab to fab, eliminate the pooch, and trim away those love handles.

Acheive Balance

Now: Simple Ways to Gain Vitality, Overcome Tension, and Achieve Harmony and Balance

Simple Ways to Gain Vitality, Overcome Tension, and Achieve Harmony and Balance

Long hours on the job, commuting, family responsibilities: we live in a world that saps our energy, damaging
our physical and mental health. Energy Now will help you understand the wellsprings of your body’s energy
by learning about the variety of ancient and modern principles that can help increase energy, and thereby
maintain and restore health, vitality, and well-being.

With over 200 gorgeous color photos and art throughout, Energy Now presents a wealth of simple, accessible
ideas, exercises, and tips designed to unlock energy potential. It draws on proven techniques from yoga,
aroma therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, ayurveda, tai chi, and shiatsu, and shows how they can
complement Western ideas about energy such as healthy sleeping and eating habits. A beautiful and yet eminently
practical book, Energy Now will be a useful tool in attaining a better and healthier life.

Workout Equipment – Thane Fitness Platinum OrbiTrek

This is the most effective total body work out with easy elliptical motion and a brand new platinum edition,
which is more effective, comfortable, and durable for fat burning, muscle sculpting, metabolism boosting,
and cardiovascular conditioning.

The elliptical motion, which moves your feet in flattened circles, is easier on the joints than a treadmill,
yet just as effective for burning calories. You also work out your upper body at the same time.

Rock solid buns and thighs! Because you can also pedal backward, the OrbiTrek really works those buns and
thighs. Its great for all levels of fitness, because you control the resistance by degrees instead of with
one or two position choices. The OrbiTrek is constructed solidly to support a 300 pound person.

FYI Alternative Fitness Info

Makko Ho is a system of 6 easy-to-perform exercises that work on the meridians of the body. Each of these
exercises are said to enhance the flow of energy through the body. Breath awareness is encouraged throughout
the movements as you become more aware of your mind and body connection. This is a great practice to tune
out aches, pains and discomfort.

This understanding of energy pathways helps those who practice to bring back vital health to their own bodies
and stop the progression of certain ailments and illnesses. Makko Ho can be used as preventative medicine
keeping your body in tip top health and learn breath work while doing the exercises.

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