Fitness trends predicted for 2013

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Given the lack of a true global overview of fitness trends for 2013 here are some ideas from at least one corner of the world. There is a tendency towards consciousness of health in particular in the wake of announcements that healthcare costs will increase dramatically. Alternative and preventative health through exercise and nutrition will play a huge role.

Group personal training:

Increasing popularity in group personal training sessions is a result of both cost saving and social expansion of fitness training, it is arguably a lot more fun than training alone. This will be more profitable for personal trainers and more affordable to the clients, everyone wins.

Core training:

Fitness training with machines are perhaps great for individuals who suffer back problems and who’d need to separate muscle groups carefully, however for those with a good back, core training will be a key focus: Especially the abdominal area – has anything changed, sixpack?

Functional fitness:

By improving general fitness and mobility especially amongst older enthusiasts this will help increase the ability to perform daily tasks better.

Weight loss through exercise:

This has been, for decades, the most popular item for discussion: How can people lose weight through exercise, hence the purpose not exclusively for fitness and health but to enhance physical appearance.

Focusing on Children:

The western lifestyle in particular experiences more obesity amongst children. This problem will be tackled by governments and special groups to alleviate the matter.

Yoga and Pilates:

There are now more searches for Yoga and Pilates together, as a group form of fitness and lifestyle solution than any other sport. It is taking of in every major city and smaller towns worldwide. Zumba is also relatively popular but nowhere near as in demand as Yoga and Pilates.

Strength training:

Combined with a slight creatine diet, this is now a very in demand form of exercise.