Fitness and Nutrition Progress Easily Tracked with DailyBurn

Man and Woman Stretching

Embracing a healthy lifestyle complete with good nutrition and quality exercise habits is an inspiring move in one’s life.

DailyBurn makes it easy for people to keep track of their healthy lifestyles by recording diet progress and exercise goals.

As the fastest growing online diet and fitness tracking site, DailyBurn assists people in reaching their goals.

Healthy Lifestyle Tracking

Man and Woman StretchingDailyBurn is an online tool that easily allows diet and fitness progress to be tracked. With both free and subscription accounts available, users are able to access recipes and exercises, trainer tips, and even engage with an online community with like-minded goals.

The DailyBurn website has been featured on The Today Show, in The New York Times, and on

Daily Diet and Exercise Guidance

There are over 367,000 different foods and recipes listed in the DailyBurn online database. Clients can also add personal foods and recipes for others to use. The easy-to-use database includes detailed nutrition labels, indicating the calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate content for each serving of food.

DailyBurn gets users started with an exercise program selected from the achieved library of fitness regimes. The video instructions ensure novices can grasp the basics of each move. Users can also customize their fitness regimes by browsing what works for others and sharing their own successful programs.

Food Scanner iPhone App & DailyBurn iPhone App

iPhone App for Daily BurnA new tool available through DailyBurn is the Food Scanner iPhone app. The food scanner application for the iPhone can be downloaded for only $2.99, and used with the phone’s camera to scan the bar code of foods. This is a simple way to track foods and calories, read nutrition labels, and sync with your DailyBurn account.

The DailyBurn app for the iPhone helps keep users up with their daily goals while helping track exercises, calories, etc.

Diet Accountability and Fitness Challenges

DailyBurn recognizes that everyone needs an encouraging word when embarking on a transformation program, and therefore have designed an online support system to keep clients motivated.

Based on the popular television program, The Biggest Loser, DailyBurn users can compete in fitness challenges, including weight loss, running, biking, and weight lifting.

The site also offers Daily Trainer Tips to help boost users’ motivation and inspire new workout routines and nutrition plans.

Watch Your Progress With DailyBurn

By giving people an easy, user-friendly platform from which to base their lifestyle transformation, DailyBurn allows people to discover who they can be with a healthy nutrition plan and weight-loss program.