Charcoal Pills and Supplements – Natural First Aid Kit for Emergencies

Items to Have on Hand: Tea
Tree Oil, Activated Charcoal, Collidal Silver, & Willard Water

In the case of emergencies, nothing should ever be substituted for proper medical care.

This focus of this article is to alert you to natural products that you can have on hand that can help you deal
with most non-critical situations.

By having these products on hand in your first aid kit you will be well prepared for many conditions.

Must-Haves for Your First Aid Kit

  1. Tea Tree Oil
  2. Activated Charcoal
  3. Colloidal Silver
  4. Willard Water
  5. MMS

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is a must for any first aid cabinet. Use tea tree oil in cases of insect bites, shingles, fever blisters,
rashes, and cuts

If you feel a fever blister coming on, quickly dab tea tree oil where you feel the tingle on your
lip or rub it into the jaw if the tingle is going down the nerve pathways of the jaw

If you feel a sore throat or
cold coming on, try mixing some tea tree oil with olive oil and massage it around both ears, down the sides of the
neck and in front of the neck. Oregano oil works even better but if you don’t have that, then grab the tea tree oil.

You can also mix tea tree oil and water and spritz on your mattress every month or so, to kill dust mite. You can
spritz places that attract mold like the basement with this same mixture and it helps to control mold and mildew.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is another item no first aid kit should be without. it is wonderful to have on hand for your
animals in case they ever get hold of something poison, but also keep it on hand for me.

Healthcare professionals utilize the special properties of activated charcoal to address:

  • Elimination of toxins that can contribute to anemia in cancer patients.
  • Filtering of toxins from blood, in cases of liver or kidney disease.
  • Effective deodorizing and disinfectant for wounds.

Activated Charcoal can also help cut down on the odors some lleostomy and colostomy patients deal with, purify the
blood, treat overdoses of aspirin, and treat some forms of dysentery, diarrhea, dyspepsia, etc. as well as to absorb
toxic substances such as aconite, amitriptyline hydrochloride, amphetamine, arsenic, barbiturates, Ben-Gay, camphor,
chlordane, chlorpromazine, cocaine, darvon, diazepam, digitalis, doxepin, elavil, gasoline, kerosene, penicillin,
pesticides, radioactive substances and many, many more toxic substances. Activated charcoal is also excellent for
simple indigestion.

Some instances where charcoal might be good to have around, certainly not as a substitute for needed medical attention
but as something that could help until you can get to the doctor:

  • food poisoning
  • accidental ingestion of poisons
  • poisonous spider
  • snake or bug bites

Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal Pills (from Indian Hardwood) is known as one of the best natural adsorbent agents.
Activated Charcoal
is commonly used to adsorb digestive gas and toxins including poisons because each small particle actually contains
vast small chambers and cavities that can bind-up various unwanted material or gas. Activated Charcoal is listed
in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia. The Poison Control Center recommends Activated Charcoal for use in poisoning.

You may also want to watch a very important documentary about an amazing solution that should be in every household. This mineral supplement story is quite amazing.

Watch the Documentary > Understanding MMS

Colloidal Silver and Willard Water

Colloidal Silver works for so many different situations now that it’s hard to remember them all.

This combination
of Colloidal Silver and Willard Water come in handy in almost every instance of a first
aid need. However, since Willard Water does not have the documentation that silver does as a help in such cases,
let’s consider Colloidal Silver as the third “must have” for your first aid kit. There are wide ideas about
what constitutes an effective silver.

Most vote for a lower ppm (parts per million), say may want to go with Willard Water. Some say silver is not toxic, yet others feel that if your body is holding onto
silver, why add more of this mineral.

Colloidal silver can help anytime there is an infection present and when colds, flu, upper respiratory, symptoms
are effecting you. Also, infection from any other sources such as yeast (also apply oregano oil, diluted in olive
oil to base of both feet, around ankles, and on abdomen in cases of yeast), parasites (also do Detox in
case of suspected parasites.), dental abscesses, ear infections (you can also use mullein oil and garlic in ears
if infected, as well, and massage the trusty oregano oil, diluted in olive oil, around lymph nodes at ears as well),

You can also use colloidal silver whenever your water supply might be suspect, such as when you travel out of
the country, etc. Pure Lemon Essential oil works well as a purifier too. We keep mentioning essential oils so here
is a great source for organic essential oils.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.